15 Day's waiting

Denon make some mistake. We still waiting for fix it

15 days waiting for fixed update :stuck_out_tongue:

What mistake?

Load deck screen for example

Tell me from foto what deck is finish playing and where you can load next track

That isn’t going to be ‘fixed’ any time soon, I would temper your expectations on stuff like this, counting up the days is going to do nothing else but screw with your own mind.


“Tell me from foto what deck is finish playing and where you can load next track”

Deck 1 & Deck 4 and the deck 3 and deck 2 are reading.

No I’m playing now at deck 1 I just switch to deck 3 and play loop and song on deck 2 is finished and I have already loaded track on 4 deck.

But you can’t see this on screen because it’s wrong. I’m waiting for Denon fix this and now downgrade my SC live to 3.4.

In your photo, deck 1 was not playing and deck 4 was not, the faders were down.

as I know the upper bars are gray and not colored, unlike deck 3 and 2.

Look on this

you do not see your faders which are raised and the color which corresponds to each deck on the CUE buttons (headphones) and the light ring above the crown of the jogwheel which is lit and which if you have active On Air mode if the faders are not raised, the ring remains white and not colored depending on the choice of colors you have assigned to them and you do not see the rotating bars which are in the dials of the Jogwheels which rotate and nor the colors of the buttons which allow you to switch from the 1/3 and 2/4 plate??? :flushed::thinking:

There may not be any colored rings on the SCLive 4 jogwheels, but there is plenty of information in the jogwheel dials.

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In your first photo, I thought you had a P4+, and thanks to the second I realized late that you had a SCLive 4.

I apologize because indeed, the SCLive 4 and the 2 do not have as much visual indication as on a Prime 4/4+. Sorry :pensive:


One mans “fix now” is another man’s “thank you for making it do that”

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The new layout was confusing at the beginning, I had the same issue trying to figure out what deck was stopped. Now I don’t have this problem anymore but I’m not sure if I got used to the layout, or I got used to remembering each deck state :joy:

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Another obvious detail that many here think is normal, fixing this is in the hands of the developers, they are in control, we just point out what for us is a deficiency, the worst part is that it was correct in previous versions.

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Please read below. This is part of software development, though all developers try not to allow it to happen, given the inherent complexity of software, it happens.

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