1.6 will be able for macOS 10.13?

Hi Denon… first of all I want to tell you that the 1.6 look amazing, you did a really good Job hearing your community, keep going :muscle:t2:.

And now… my complaint… I am a user of Mac, I was waiting for the 1.6 because the flexible grits, this is a feature that I was waiting for a lot of time. When I knew that you bring the 1.6 out I was so excited, I open my Mac and enter to de Denon Official page for the update… but here is where the problem arrived…

I was reading the requirements and I saw that the Engine Prime 1.6 update was compatible with Mac from the macOS10.14 to the macOS11.0, what’s the problem? I have an old Mac, and it has the 10.13 version, that is compatible with the Engine Prime1.5, I can’t update my Mac because is too old. My question is if the 1.6 will be able for macOS 10.13 someday, or if there’s a way to use the 1.6 without updating my Mac.

Thanks and keep going, You are making a good job :raised_hands:t2::fire:

Time to upgrade.

I’m in the same boat as you. I have to use my sister’s laptop for certain updates for my some of my gear and buying a new Apple laptop is unwise right now.

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Try installing it first.

Rename your current Engine Prime to “Engine Prime 1.5” = Finder>Application>Engine Prime 1.5

Download the 1.6 and see if it would install

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Nice idea, thanks

This is one of the reasons I wanted to ditch the laptop. Cannot update OS as it would break drivers for sound card, need to update OS to backup our phones/tablets (totally valid unless you want to upgrade online storage for multiple devices) or recent audio gear . I understand it when it comes to drivers but plain (setting cue/hot cue and BPM/grid) software like EP shouldn’t have this issue.

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What was the outcome?

Upgrade to what? No point in investing in intel macs as they are being replaced with M1 and EP still doesn’t work with M1 macs. Denon need to get on with it and sort out EP compatibility with M1 macs.

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The M1’s haven’t even been out that long, jeez give the devs a bit of time would ya!

Not to mention it’s an entirely different architecture to develop for, it is not x86 and doesn’t use x86 instructions. It’s not as simple as you seem to think - there is a reason why Windows on ARM is still poor, even after many years since its initial release.

Tractor, rekordbox, VDJ and djay all work with M1 natively. Denon lagging behind!

Yeah on hardware that only early adopters and sheeple bought into… Everyone with an ounce of sense is skipping the M1 generation and waiting for the Apple ARM SOC to mature, and more apps to be fully compatible with it rather than just running on an emulation layer.