What to do with my $6000 SC6000M Paper Weights

No one cares about what’s on the box. Your ridiculous, patronizing comment you keep repeating on this forum needs to be called out, though.


Yes. Will be reformatting again tomorrow.

I’d worked that out, but it’s a bit messy. Do drag folders from the updated Serato collection in side Engine Dj or directly from the Serato folder location? I’m guessing inside, but I want to make sure.

I only have 130Gb on mine going to new Samsung EVO 870’s. Are there any other recommended stable SSD drive’s. I’m not a fan of Seagate as they’re too volatile. I’ve seen a few people on Youtube using Crucial, but I’ve only used their RAM not HDD’s.

Thanks D

Try the WD Blue drive, it’s what I use and it’s no problem, and cheap.

I was doing that at first with the Serato collection but it’s long winded and awkward so just manually update your playlists directly from your music folders. All my folders on my computer are organised the way my playlists are so when I add a new track I just drag it over the playlist and drop, it only adds new music then analyses it. The other way would be to just multi select which music files you want in a playlist then drag them over it, on my lappy I’ll just move engine over so only half the app is showing then open my finder window on the left so it’s easy to drag and drop

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I’ve found the necessary procedures for how exactly you drag stuff over into it or where you drag it to be un-intuitive. It’d be nice to have Engine Desktop just let you connect a drive, right click on it in the software, and have it scan or re-scan the drive to build, fix, or update the drive’s database. Other DJ software seems to make that easier, and certainly Rekordbox doesn’t make it that difficult. Even old Denon DJ (of Japan) database software made it easy.

I realize I’m usually not using the more complicated stuff in Engine Desktop you guys are, but if a basic thing like that’s confusing, I can only imagine what some of the more advanced stuff in it might be like. I have long assumed, though, that Engine Desktop is tailored for people with a single, large, centralized library collection and a bunch of small thumb drives for playing out on that are separately prepped right before gigs. I’m not that demographic.

Fully agree, I actually like Serato’s method the best, where you open up the files tab inside the software then just drag stuff in from there, more automation would be great though.

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If it’s this one, then there have been a lot of controller failures reported: WD Blue SA510 SATA SSD 2.5” | Western Digital

Not sure off the top of my head certainly more than 10k songs will have a look when I am home

That’s the one I’ve been using for about 18 months or more since I got the Prime 2, it’s been spot on.

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Just got around to rebuilding my collection without autoanalysis.

The exported drive m.db file is now much smaller 612mb for 33k tracks.

The linked SC6000m deck now loads under a minute.

This appears to confirm my theory that the slow loading speed is due to the m.db size.

Hope they can tweak things further


Good work Mufasa, I feel the regular forum members are low key problem solving guru’s.

Agreed we need some comms from Inmusic around this issue, and workarounds etc.

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Have you tried using iTunes as the lead piece of software? When I used to use Serato, I found this way means crates appear in both Serato and Prime, saves you messing around with the two softwares (admittedly doesn’t help with smart crates or anything).

Have you tried using iTunes as the lead piece of software?

I never liked iTunes. It made a mess of my folder structure because it created a folder for each song

This is something you can prevent if you choose a different setting in Apple Music preferences. I personally have it activated but if so, there are certain rules you have to follow :slight_smile: If Apple Music decides to rename a song Engine DJ will not find it again. :frowning:

This also is true if you use iTunes Match. If ever a mp3 track is Matched and not Uploaded it will be converted in a m4a if you remove and download the song. My trick is to convert songs before I add it to Engine DJ, so I am on the save side.

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As I said, always used to use it. Prime organises my folder structure now, not of concern to me as I don’t use folders anyway from the drive, I use them within the programme anyway. It’s a free, generic way to be able to use both programmes, and continue to, without changes impacting either piece of software, because you make your changes in iTunes.



Was your library a pre-2.0 library that went though the db conversion when it removed the waveforms to shrink the db size?

I rebuild mine often so I don’t always see what others see.

No. It was library built the previous week from scratch.

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