What Style Of Music Do You Mix, And Why.?

I go to bed most nights with earbuds on and listening to music. I watch quite a few DJ’s on Mixcloud and wish I hadn’t got rid of my 1210’s and vinyl as I’d love to do a slot on there. I don’t know how much DJ’s charge these days but I went to a party in a hall last night and the DJ was awful, he was getting a few beers down him and by the end of the night he was mumbling on the microphone and playing tracks at wrong speeds and played one track twice within 15 minutes as he probably forgot he had played it.

I wouldn’t have said it was a mistake, thinking back to 2005 it was still incredibly hard to get 12” versions of tracks on CD, Especially dance music, so vinyl still reigned supreme for a good couple of years after that at least.

I was an early adopter of CDJs and most of my sets outside of the house were on CDs and I remember it being a right pain in the backside to obtain music and use it… with the only path being file sharing sites and the dangers that came with it.

All I can say is thankfully bonafide download sites started to appear pretty quickly.


I would say it’s a toss-up between Techno, Hip-Hop (mostly 90’s and 2000s) and Tech House. As far as reasoning behind it goes, It’s just a love for those Genres. As a youth in 90’s I was obsessed with heavy metal and techno. My sister was my Hip-Hop influence, and she really liked Nine-inch Nails, weird combo I know. Trent Rezner opened the door for me to synths and electronic music.


If they paying i’m playing :rofl: My main genres would be Dancehall, afrobeats and Rnb after that I can go in to anything I do play house mainly deep, tech, progressive and Amapiano, sometimes need some Reggae it just depends on my mood and who im playing to but 90s dancehall all the way.

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