What does the select/zoom button look like?

I have been out lurking quite a bit on the SC6000 players, but i can’t find out what the final look is. On the official website there is one design/look of the scroll/zoom and auto loop buttons (which I like). Image: https://imgur.com/gallery/tkkP5b6

Then in videos and on some seller sites, they have another look of the buttons. It’s just the old silver looking button, but just with at charcoal finish now. Have those just been sample models/first production models or what? Image: https://imgur.com/gallery/V0sBN0T

What do they or will they look like if I bought a pair??

Hi @AndreasJH, welcome to the forum.

See the answer here (your second remark) and my reply to it a bit below that:

Okay then, thanks for the reply! A bit of a shame in my opinion, since the other one is “new” and fits a new/updated version of the series. Also looks a bit more premium, and not as ‘plasticky’ with the big inverse bulge in it.

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