“The Silent Downfall of Pioneer DJ”

I’m sure that some of the unofficial and (cough) independent groups are moderated or admined by free-gear lovers who would happily apply bias and the “Hammer of Delete” in exchange for some free headphones or a discounted/free deck. Remember pioneer practically used free gear as a currency for decades

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Hear you on the AUDI.

Not mincing words are you. I like your take on fanboys who think they are smarter, more knowledgeable and affluent.

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It’s just poor form isn’t it… everyone is a successful millionaire behind their keyboard.

ironically the OP of this thread pretty much rubbishes the whole ‘who can afford stuff’ nonsense when comparing Denon and Pioneer, with his studio/DJ room setup, the difference is he isn’t on the internet preaching to people about it.

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I bought an RX3 a few months ago before I got the Prime 4+. I couldn’t stand it, I love how it looked but I just couldn’t stand how slow the processor was, I couldn’t play things on the fly and j had to prepare my sets because the system is not meant to handle playlists of over 1000 tracks or something. I didn’t like it. Im glad I went Denon.


my comparison! I own both Denon Prime 4 and after two years I had to replace the play cue buttons! last year I bought an rx3 in August not even a year old and it already has a faulty cue button! what are we talking about? now I got a prime 4 plus!! Whoever says that Pioneer is more robust doesn’t know what they’re talking about! I remain of the opinion that it’s just a question of fashion!!


The greatest common denominator here is that you hit the CUE button too much :wink:

Now I have to agree with hardware quality. Even a Denon 2100F in heavy rental or club use needed new cue/play buttons from time to time, as did a CDJ1000.

Software is another thing. A piece of digital hardware is only as good as its software. And OK, Engine is starting to mature, but when you fail to implement for example “platter hold + CUE sets a new cue point even in play mode” from day one, you are admitting that your software was an afterthought. Its a pitfall many manufacturers fall into these days, since updating is so easy with USB connectivity. But its something I never saw on Pioneers software. Well, that may have been before the release of CDJ2000s, where searching through a 30.000 track library was too slow to even find a track before the previous one was over (like 15 seconds wait time between characters). Havent done this on 3000’s because that steered me right away from Pioneer :wink: