Serato Crates Not Correct

Hi Everyone

I have been having trouble with my serato crates read by engine prime not matching the crates in the actual serato software and wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar and had any solutions as it’s quite concerning for me.

I have just updated to 1.1.1 and the problem still exists.

Basically, I have a crate in the serato software which has approx 220 tracks in it, but when engine prime reads it, it only has about 60 tracks in. I have tried duplicating the crate as suggested somewhere else, but while the duplicate in serato has the same 220 tracks, the engine prime againonyl reads the same 60 tracks. the whole 220 tracks are from the same source (Promo only record pool), and are of the same audio standard/file type, and there is no problem with them playing in serato (so the files aren’t corrupt). I have also done multiple serato library refresh’s but it hasn’t changed anything.

I did wonder if it was because my serato library is on an external drive, but serato has no problems reading from it

This problem can be sen with many of the crates, but it is worrying for me as I am unsure which files have come across and worry that a track I want isn’t there when I come to my next gig.

Oh and I’m using a mac if it makes any difference

any help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks


i have the same problem i expect you also only see tracks on the C disk…

Exactly the same problem here, on Engine Prime 1.2.3 Mac. Has anyone found a solution yet?

I had the same problem, everything happened when updating to serato 2.1.


Uninstall serato and engine prime

delete the serato and sertobackup folders in all units

delete the engine prime folders in all units

Install serato 2.0.x no 2.1 install engine prime

Now everything should work

delete the serato and sertobackup folders in all units

Nice, but I will lose my library in that way. About 30k of songs with cue points, beat grids, loops etc. No way that I will do that :slight_smile: Any other options?

You will lose the library but not the cue points, loops etc because these are left in the metadata of the song, I had to learn the bad things about these things so I recommend you in the future to do what I do I organize my music in Itunes (and for the record that I always hate that program, ironies of life) and then just cro crates with the same name as the iTunes list and folder and drag it from there and that’s it, that’s why do the procedure that I explained before was not so traumatic because my music was already organized in Itunes was only import and as I explained before the points and others remained intact, it is the work that involves preparing our library so I advise in the future to try the updates in a diferinte computer or virtual machine to avoid unpleasant experiences like the one that in my case I had with serato 2.1 greetings and luck

PD: Another option is to wait for some update of engine prime (supposedly should arrive in March, do not believe me) and see if it solves the problem

Did the Serato crates contain tracks from both the External and Internal HD?

Yes, the only precaution is that the external device you use is always mounted with the same letter if you decide to use itunes, this should not be a problem since the external units always assume the same letter when they are reassembled but I say it in case at some point you see that the software does not find the route to the tracks (it is rare that it happens as I told you) verify that it is mounted with the same letter before breaking your head with other things greetings