Running SC5000's off a generator?

BTW, in the US, it’s not just higher voltage gear that must have three prongs, but also most stuff that’s used outside or around moisture, etc.

If you have a poorly connected earth within the ring and draw against it, the circuit will trip, especially if there is moisture in the environment.

Edit - in the U.K. anyway

Just try wing it with the baby prime in the meantime till you get it sorted! :wink:

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Sorry, we have fuses too within our plugs which are all linked within the earth system - if the item becomes live, the current passes through the earth which is low resistance. If the device become live this cause a large current to then flow through the earth wire, melting the wire within the fuse, causing it to blow. The idea being unless you stick your fingers into the socket, nothing is going to overload the system.

Is this the plot for the next Star Wars :rocket: :waxing_crescent_moon:

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What about a mobile rig, like on a truck trailer? There is no ground access. How we can deal with that? Any ideas?

As long as nothing is hardwired to the generator but uses plug and cable, you just have to bond the generator to the metal frame work somehow. If you hardwire anything in, you have to use an earthing rod (good old Google - I was panicking as I’ve never used an earth rod when I’ve used a generator before!!).

Metal truck, but that is a minus for the car battery. Could this be an issue here?

I can’t find the link now but it stated that you simply wire to the frame, or screw an attaching plate from generator to frame. That must be how a car is earthed though, isn’t it?

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Cars are not grounded mostly. Tires don’t conduct electricity. Cars chasis is a minus in a DC circuit, I don’t think so, that it’s a good idea to mix a DC circuit with a AC one? But as I never did it this is only my speculation.

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Found some contrary advice, here -

Generator grounding not need on truck

To the one I spoke about yesterday -

Grounding to truck frame

I’ll be honest, I know Jack about this stuff once it’s outside of a house, I do have a mate that builds generators though on an industrial scale, I’ll ask him when I see him, purely for my own knowledge!!!