Retro DJ equipment

I view the same loss or disregard of skill sets with both amusement and dismay. Eg: “I can’t DJ without feature x or I can only DJ if feature y is fully implemented”

What’s really disappointing to me, and maybe an alternative description to “DJ” is required for the process (and I’m avoid the word “art” or “skill” of what I can Lego block mixing….I’ve also heard them described as Domino DJs Eg: where a DJ thinks I don’t care what track, by what artist, whatever song title just as long at its key is “whatever” and it’s bpm is “whatever” - DJing is (or at least should be) fully totally about the music, not just seeing the key and bpm match so “sling it on, it’ll fit the gap”

It’s like choosing your next car based on the number of buttons on the dashboard (doesn’t matter what they do) and the colour.

Of course, there are many DJs, new and established who still do deserve and honour the that title, but some just want it handed to them on a plate, automatically, one-buttoned (if they absolutely have to press a button).

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Not gonna lie, the dashboard buttons did play a good part in my latest car purchase :rofl::rofl:


Man - I had a pair of belt drive soundlabs TT and a DSM15 mixer! The set up cost 320 (I bought it on credit at a ridiculous ApR too!!) One of the decks had a slight wobble so if you pressed down a gnat weight too hard the needle jumped! No multi band EQ - just channel kill buttons!

I loved those things!!


Hahaha I learnt to beatmatch properly on some KAM belt drives from an older techno DJ at my mates. Starting the record off on beat 4 to line it up with beat 1 :rofl:

I learned on some belt drive TTs that were Kam but under the Terralec own brand as they were the same but cheaper. I think I paid £350 for my first pair with a JB Systems Micro mixer. That was switched out for a Gemini PS626 when it launched. I took a pair of gemini PT direct drive decks off my mate who was getting rid of them but pretty much got the Technics after that.

I’ve had a few mixers but currently don’t have one. I traded in a Xone 43C a few years ago and just use the mixer in the Prime 4. Once I get my setup moved from the north to the south I’ll get a rotary.


I sold my DJM-800 and started using my controller as a mixer and didn’t get on with it so bought a 43c, it was mega cheap on eBay… hated it though, the filter was awkward to use and it kept having Serato connection issues, so got rid and bought the Radius 4 which I’ve had since.

I didn’t mind the 43C too much apart from the upfader curve. It wasn’t adjustable and was awful for slow blends. The last Pio mixer I had was the DJM-600 :upside_down_face: with a pair of CDJ 1000s MK3. That was around 2010-ish. Had the SP1 and SX since then.

I still have a Cycloops knocking around too.

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Pretty much identical to me. I had a 600 and 1000mk3 but then I had an SX2 as the controller, after having an XDJ-R1 I had loads of chew with.


I’ll try and compile a list of gear I’ve owned or still own as I’m curious as to what I’ve had myself. I won’t pop it up here but I’m interested in seeing what I’ve had since 1994. I’ve kept a bit of it just because it’s not worth anything now. Literally landfill.


Who’s old enough to remember the days when decks were screwed above a wooden baseplate. with springs between the board and the deck? That’s where I started. No pitch controls then.

My first direct drive TTs were JVC ones from the local hi-fi shop. Couldn’t afford Technics.

The motors were so weak, I made really thin felt slip mats, and still had to throw the vinyl forward to get it up to speed.

OOOH the Kaoss DJ!! How does it stand up as a standalone?

I (for old times sake) bought a KP1S mini and a KAOSSILATOR MINI which started off as a great idea!!

My dad bought me this in 1991 to “see how I went”. No pitch so I just got creative.

(Image stolen from a web search - Sorry!)


Really basic but has enough to get you out of the poop should you need it. If a mixer died, it would be a ‘deep breath… okay, let’s do this’ kinda moment.

The Kaoss Pad is worth it as it’s standalone.

Worked with Gregg Wilson at the weekend, this was his setup. Its a Revox B77


Yaeh, that’s his trademark. I have a Tascam 32 that I bought back when DJ edits were done by splicing 1/4" tape.

My day job’s in commercial radio, & I’m old skool enough to have learnt what editing skills I have with a chinagraph pencil & a razor blade on a B77.

I was watching a YouTube video recently, and they mentioned when Larry Levan was doing edits, he would have lengths of tape strung up everywhere, and sometimes would lose track of which bit went where, so it would result in “happy accidents” when he joined them together…


Greg Wilson is the boss… the absolute best Essential Mix ever recorded.

A place near me in Chesterfield had a Fostex E22 reel-to-reel for £425 last year and I agonised over it for months. It finally sold and I kicked myself afterwards for missing out. My own fault.

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Going by eBay, looks like my Tascam 32 is still worth £1000 or so :+1:

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