Prime Software and potential p4 purchase

I did read your first post. Hence my next post that pointed out what I was trying to say. I’ll try my best to explain this to you. I first said “seems like”, then “Denon wants to release…” That statement is based on one prior “the seems like” part. I hope you understand now. If not, then I give up!!

Probably best that you apologise to Denon for trying to put words into their mouths, instead of trying to dig yourself outta a very deep hole with a teaspoon lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol - Don’t you have a girlfriend to fight with?

Yes, I have. Ever since you said:

:joy: :rofl:

Do you also consider the “IF” in that statement factual? Goodnight sweetheart xxx

It’s interesting that some previously antagonistic forum members haven’t been seen in a while then you appear. Not casting aspersions but it seems a bit coincidental to me.

Very similar postings and attitude under a different username.


I might be wrong on this, but didn’t Denon release the last major update to Prime gear after NAMM last year, when the Prime 4 came? This would in some way justify his comments.

But we’ve had firmware updates including streaming and platter resolution and forward and back sensitivity recently, like just before The holidays, which blows the guess of “denon don’t wanna release … “ straight back away from being factual.

I think this is just impatience showing itself up as guessing and putting those guesses out there as some kind of official statement or fact, when it’s just an opinion. And opinions are fine of course, until anyone tries to suggest they’re fact

Opinions are like arseholes mate, everyone has one!

The iterations in the software are fine, but I’m still sure we went from 1.1 to 1.2 after NAMM (and then 1.2 to 1.3 in August?). Perhaps a major update rather than small fixes is waiting for the new hardware release, so both of your are correct, from a certain perspective.

“and we dont want to see or hear yours”

:laughing: just finishing off the quote

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Geez… even after I’ve tried my best to explain my statement to you. The only one who sees what I said as an official statement or fact is you!! and if anyone misunderstood what I was saying reads the above comments, Im pretty sure that by now they clearly understand what I was saying.

Stay calm and breathe :pray:. :blush: