Updating to catalina while using the MCX with serato will break your software, I’ve upgraded to catalina, screens were breaking, waveforms were distorted, everything was as wrong as it could get with permanent freezes if you don’t move the mouse cursor for more than 10 minutes (These were at least my problems). Stay with Mojave or anything older than catalina, wait for denon and serato themselves to announce full support for catalina, seems like apple is not working with them to provide a solution! I’ve downgraded my laptop back to Mojave and everything works fine now.

Thanks and welcome back.

See official statement already here:

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i can confirm however the mcx with VDJ works fine, been using mine for a couple of months now without issue.

Thanks, I’ve seen that post right after I upgraded, that’s how I came to the choice of downgrading to keep my software stable.

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Hi All,

We have just released a mac driver for the MCX8000 that adds official Catalina support.

Please note that the driver is signed by ‘Akai Professional’ (one of our sister brands). We decided to release this with the ‘Akai Professional’ signing as it would have taken months to receive official signing on a driver with ‘Denon DJ’ or ‘inMusic Brands’ and we wanted to get this out to our users sooner than later.

You can find the Mac Driver here: