Itunes music on NAS (Network attached Storage) is not working

I have all my music in itunes on external NAS server by SMB. Music is shown in itunes and i serato but Engine DJ on Mac and Windows See music but it is not accessible (can’t import playlists, create New, import collection etc.) Is it planned to be handle?

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I’ve had the same issue for 2 years. I wouldn’t plan on it changing any time soon.

How you then add your music on Standalone players? Do you copy music somewhere else? I don’t want to have music on my drive as I use Mac for other things;/

Luckily, I already had most of my DJ tracks on an external drive for my players. I don’t play out much anymore so I’m not buying a lot of new music but the times I have I’ve been storing the new tracks on the Mac internal drive to import them into Engine. What’s so ridiculous is that I can add cue points, analyze & play all of the NAS tracks from either the Rekordbox or iTunes node in Engine but Engine refuses to import those tracks and playlists. Works like a charm in Rekordbox, though.

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Can’t you connect to the NAS with a cable and just do it that way?

What do you mean by connecting by cable? Mac by cable to NAS?

Yeah so connect to the NAS with a USB cable then use that as a reference for building your library, then connect to the device or flash drive with another USB and do the sync.

My NAS is in a security closet. Not the best place to build and analyze a library. Maybe Denon shpuld “fix the glitch” and get their software to work like all the other audio library software apps do.

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I thought it would be, it was never going to be anywhere where you could simply plug the cable in was it, let’s be honest :+1:t3:

I’m not here to argue about what InMusic should and shouldn’t be doing, I’m here to try and offer solutions to get the music onto the devices here today, right now.


@Patryk_Szurgot when you play music on your SC Live 4, what storage media are you plugging into the SC Live 4?

I would suggest you copy the required music from the NAS to whatever storage device you’re using, then connect that device to your laptop, or even straight to the SC Live 4.

The desktop software not being able to work with NAS is IMO not a “glitch” or bug. It’s just that people who have all their music ONLY on a NAS are probably a very small minority.

There’s no shortage of hard drive space these days. External storage is dirt cheap. Cloud storage is built into operating systems (and even DJ hardware).

Is a NAS really necessary? ← rhetorical question

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I can copy music. Of Course, but I use nas with 2 drives inside so I store and secure my data. I will try to copy music, but sometimes itunes music is not working when copied it. Btw I use external 1TB SSD

My own workflow. I have a MacBook Pro with a 1TB built in hard drive which all my music is stored on (apart from full DJ mixes that are on my NAS). I back this up to a time capsule so the music is secure. I also keep a copy of it on an external drive and ive also uploaded it into icloud.

I then have some large volume USB sticks, one is in my car, the others in my DJ bag and I have an SSD installed on my prime 2. I use the MacBook to sync music to the Prime 2, approximately 5500 tracks.

Point being: don’t just use the NAS as your primary source of music, have it as a backup but also keep the music on some other more easily accessible drive (either an external or internal on your PC).

I don’t understand how Engine Desktop works. I copied all the music from Itunes Nas to ssd, and would like to preanalize it but Desktop version is not showing tracks until I enter particular folder. But I have dozens of folders for each authorr. This is stupid or I’m stupid…

Also Sc live 4 Engine only shows music within folders xd How to See all track at once? This is beyond me. I can’t imagine that I have to enter i every folder within author to find that speciffic track.

Ok I See that I have to drag and drop folders from ssd to Collection xd this is crazy

One way you can quickly do this with some limitations.

Create a master folder on your computer

Drag all your music folders to this Master folder

Then drag the master folder to Engine DJ collection in the software

Engine will create a Master folder playlist and create sub playlists with the subfolders.

I am not sure how deep the sub playlists go though.

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Ok I found great way to move files from Itunes playlist to new folder even on SDD, so it is kind of workaround.

Open Itunes (Apple music) > Open Playlist that you wan’t to move to Engine and select all tracks by CTRL + A (Select all) > Copy (Ctrl + C) > Open folder in SSD and click there in that folder then CTRL + V (Paste) - Music will be copied from folder where it is stored (even if music is in different folders and paste it in new folder.

You can create links from your NAS to your local filesystem. It’s absolutely ridiculous, I know.

This is the feature request. Please add your vote!

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Still not working. In Engine, I can see my entire Apple Music library. I can load all the tracks (which get analyzed by Engine) and play them in the Engine software but can’t add any of them to the Engine collection, nor add them to a thumb drive or SD card to play on my hardware. Still, simply, the WORST DJ database software that I’ve ever used. It’s been in Beta since it’s inception and still doesn’t work as it should. Tractor, works. Rekordbox, works. Serato, works. Engine DJ, NOTHING. POS. Can SOMEBODY from Denon please reach out and tell me why their database software seems to work in every way except to add music to it and copy it to a drive that will play on my hardware?