Is it possible to import a playlist from a engine usb drive to the computer

This seems to be par for the course for engine prime development, ignore core basic feature requests to fix bugs. Honestly adding things like this are more important than fixing whatever wavform issue was fixed in the last patch. Very dissapointed at the pace of development on engine prime, and regretting my purchase at this time.

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Hi can you help only some tracks are updating from my iTunes none of the new ones I have downloaded to my computer but a lot are missing I have tried uninstalling and starting again but same thing if I click on a old song to newly download it shows in my engine library but not new songs thanks again

I hope it will be soon, since I don’t know how to get my entire collection and playlist back with its hotcues on the new computer… it is very important to know how to recover the music in case of total loss…

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Useless function, I think it refers to the fact that if we cannot have a backup on the USB, to export to another PC, the work of months, preparing track lists and hotcues is lost… my personal opinion is that if tomorrow the hdd of my pc breaks, and I have to start the work again, it would be the biggest disappointment, that’s why it is necessary that at least complete playlists can be imported to a new pc with a newly installed software engine, to continue the same after a format or change of hdd on the pc, due to breakage, I don’t know if I explained it well… I use Google, thanks

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It is not “if” it is “when”

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Thanks for the video, although my English is very bad and I can’t put the subtitles in Spanish, I think that what it offers as the best option is to have the database on an external SSD and use another one as a backup…

At the moment it can work for me, since my collection fits without problem in a 500gb USB. I have also exported all the lists to the prime4 hdd, so I have another backup.

Did this ever get sprted at all?