Flight case size sc6000 vs sc5000

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Odyssey will do a custom case for you if needed.

Would you mind putting a link to the case? I’ve been looking for one

I’ve emailed their custom case company 5 times over the past 2 years with zero return correspondence.

Strange. Just got some parts in from the a few weeks ago. Try giving em a phone call. 626.588.2528

Thank you. I never tried calling. I’ll phone em. Much appreciated!!

My friend is using camera cases. Astonishingly they fit even the SC6ks and the X1850. That’s a good cheap alternative.

Quoting myself here… I bought the Odyssey separate cases to replace the (beautiful) Magma coffin, which I still need to sell btw :wink: . My intention was to store one or both the SC5000’s and the X1800 mixer more convenient than a large coffin. However, to my surprise, the Odyssey FZCDJBL also fit the SC6000’s as shown in the images on the website below, so I might buy more.

Universal Black Large Format Media Player Flight Case | Odyssey Cases (odysseygear.com)

For the 5000/6000 I use my old turntables flight cases.

I pack the spaces with some foam molds

I also have the cables for each player in the case.

Helps with making sure I have everything essential for the gig.

Ran across your post I have the same Odyssey case for my 5000’s just upgraded to the 6000Ms do you have any problems with the 6000s fitting in that case?

I bought a set for both sc6000 and x1850 from Thomann. The casas fit perfectly and are very well made! Very happy with these!

Awesome. What are the specs on those camera cases and where did your friend get them?

It’s the 35l version.

See here: eBay Link

Just giving a shout out to Swan Flight, they have been making excellent cases for DJ gear for many years.

If you move the devices a lot, then Swan Flight is probably the best.

I have the Odyssey Black Labels. Fits both SC5000 and SC6000.

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I’m lucky enough to live about 5 miles from where they are made too so I can just drive there to pick them up:)

Grabbed a box for my 45s recently and it’s awesome.

I’ll be getting them to custom make one for the LC-6000s and DJM-S5 if I go down that route, dependant on what happens with my Prime 2.

Just to add, I use a Magma case and deck saver for the prime 2, which is a great sturdy lightweight option, the deck saver gives it a lot more protection alongside the Magma.

Swan Flight was too expensive to get to my country. I seldom move the Primes, so I Decksaver-ed everything anyway, even the LC6000. So my “alternative choice” Odyssey’s are still brand-new and have been a waste of money tbh.

(I also have a Magma coffin for a SC5000-X1800 set, but I’ve used it once, it’s too heavy and simply takes too much space; still need to sell it…)

Yeah even to me the shipping for Swan is expensive, I had to ring them and ask to collect it last time to avoid the cost. They were more than happy to do so but obviously that’s luck on my part.

The Magmas I use are the zip up ‘soft’ cases, had one on my DDJ-SX2 for years and I’ve found the deck saver just bumps the protection right up to where I’m confident lugging my kit around to gigs.

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