Firmware Update (Update/Info) Situation Report (SITREP)

Hi, just wondering when we would get some kind of clue to when the MCX 8000 will support CATALINA. It’s kind of weird. Engine Prime is running on the OS but not the hardware.

Please advise. Any kind of info would be appreciated. Has the BETA testing started??

Best Regards, N.Derbridge

DJ NormD

There’s never any hints about when.

It just happens when it happens

Yes it´s truth for the first Update we wait 3 Years welcome to DENON


According to Denon, the compatibility problem must be solved by Apple (Catalina Support) and they have already contacted them for that but still there is no answer, I can only say that the beta has started and nothing else because it is a private beta that I am calling to all the owners of a mcx8000 to participate


I sent my application in to be part of the Beta testing.