Firmware update thoughts

Does anyone need either feature ? Unless I’m thinking of the wrong thing , Phase meter being the 4 gorizontal graphic blocks that just count 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 repeatedly.

And the flashing cue light, just prettiness ?

I know I wouldn’t use either even on multi deck mixing , but I spose some like these bits

Great. Its not something I use consistently, but it was nice to see I was on track. It let me know I was on the right beat.

I have some positive and negative points that were as far as I know not already mentioned:


  • Loading a track into a player that is not memory card / usb Stick host is much faster than before. In the old version it took a few seconds until you could here the sound if the start position was not at the beginning of the track.


  • shift+key: old behaviour was to reset speed to 100% of the track’s original speed. Now nothing happens on that key combination.
  • odd touch screen behaviour: sometimes I cannot shove an item to the left into the preparation list.
  • When scrolling through the list, I often accidentally activate the scrollbar for fast scrolling

I don’t know what “that is not memory card / usb Stick host” means.

Shift+key now resets the key to the original key, not the pitch. There’s not really much point to resetting the pitch with a button, anyway. You can do that by moving the fader to zero. So reset still does something, just something more useful. You can reset key and don’t have to toggle keylock off and on to do it, in case you are away from zero on the pitch fader.

I agree the touch screen behavior is a little wonky now, particularly if I’m using my thumb. In the meantime, try to be precise with your touches.

I don’t know what “that is not memory card / usb Stick host” means.

There are two SC5000 devices. Lets say player 1 and player 2. I put my SD card or USB stick into player 1. Player 1 is now what I called memory card / usb Stick host. Loading a track from that medium on player 1 is slower because it is loaded via network. However, performance has improved :slight_smile:

Shift+key now resets the key to the original key, not the pitch.

Ah I did not know that. The new behaviour makes sense.

Phase meters are used to display if tracks are hitting together perfectly or not. When mixing 3 or 4 tracks together and you hear something is not in beat with the other tracks its nice to have a visual cue to pinpoint which track is off and if it’s behind or ahead of the others. It isn’t absolutely needed, but it is nice and all the other players and controllers have this function and it works both in and out of sync.

I don’t understand why its only on during sync, since people who use sync don’t have to manually match beats anyways.


Thank you for the explanation mate. I can see it being a help when 3 or 4 deck mixing.

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So I was playing around a bit more with this and I did notice if you set one of the media players to the ‘Master’ it will start the phase meter on both players. Just don’t use sync on the alternate player if your looking for the visual cue.

In a perfect world it may just be nice to see just the ‘master’ button lit instead of the sync as well, just to have the phase meter run on both.


Activating master without sync would definitely fix it.

Bumping this old thread - I have read every post up to when Paul responded, then read a bit more. It’s been nearly 6 months since you all were given a hint at any of these requests being updated. It doesn’t look like much requested in here has been/will be updated? As of right now the next firmware update will give us online streaming capabilities… and it briefly says add/edit playlists? Not sure what that means as I don’t have a prime 4 to beta test. Overall the next firmware update list seems vague.

I watched every single denon 5000 review on the first 6 pages of youtube before buying mine. It wasn’t until after purchase I realized this forum existed, only to find out there are a ton of issues wrong with these players and the EP software.

I noticed there was no response given to the 5000’s analyzing BPMs incorrect. Has there been any update on this since? How can the #1 required feature not work properly on these? Also, is there any update on dragging/dropping folders from harddrives into EP instead of needing to do this manually just for EP to fail anyway?

I hate nagging about this stuff, seriously. But when I spend 2k+ on this stuff, I want the basic features to work. No other DJ software or hardware has these basic issues from everything I’ve used. It gets infuriating.


That’s already been added in the firmware update of 3 months ago, which also gave us the much request pitch/key change for harmonic mixing. Keep up!

Just because the things that get added might not be most important to you, they are updates none-the-less and they do enhance the model far beyond what it was when it was purchased: just coz an upgrade doesn’t have your bits in it, doesn’t mean that the update didn’t exist or didn’t take time to develop or means that denon aren’t listening blah blah blah


Well I agree with you on the part that: “Just because the things that get added might not be important to you, they are updates… And they enchance the model”…

But what is the idea of asking forum members to add their likes to request and create requests, so its quite clear what the majority ‘wants’ /‘wishes’ / ‘hopes for’ and then NOT improve these things first.

There is just above 400 feature requests… 4 or 5 have been implemented…

I know I’m not a developer therefor I can only think how it is to build/ program things, but in my head it must be easier and quicker to (and for all the ‘nay-sayers’, yes I’m mentioning it again) give us the ability to change the BPM straight in the machines (which I think is the highest ranking request so far) as we already can move the beatgrid - we just need to shrink or expand it also, rather than keep trying to solve the algorithm issue and stalling us meanwhile.

The first request for this was made like 1.5 years ago.

I bet that if they made this (in my head) quick workaround, it would give them some air from alot of us. And it would improve the units as well.

Again this is just written from my point of view, I know others disagree but lets keep this thread constructive.


They never ever said that the things with the most votes would be added first. They just worded it so that the votes would show what ideas were most popular.

A winning lottery ticket would be popular - doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna get one.

Correct BPMs is something that should have always been included. I’m not talking about us being able to manually edit the BPMs- we need the 5000’s and EP to analyze them properly. This is one of the most basic required features that every other DJ program and hardware implements correctly. I know this is stirring the pot, but it should be an embarrassment this function doesn’t work properly, especially after these products being on the market for what, 2 years?


I know, but still…

Its kinda like “We can see that the most of you wants apples, and after that you want orange and pineapple… But we have decided to give you cherrys”…

Dont get me wrong, not saying that my wishlist is more important that anyone elses… Its the ideay of them asking us to Like feature requests… But not giving what majority is asking for - I just cant wrap my head around that logic :joy:


You are missing the point (or wont see it) , so lets just stop it here. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I just love when people write a ‘smart’ comment but delete it afterwards)

Have a great evening.

I agree @djbertie :pray:

Please, please,please dear DENON God, gift us BPM Edit & Beatgrid Edit to our Prime Consoles… :pray:


I see that mr stab stab couldn’t keep from old bad habits for much more than a fortnight

Every update makes Primes even better than they were since the previous update. It doesn’t matter who requested what or when or if - we’re getting given things that weren’t even advertised. Everything that was advertised as being in the decks is in the decks already but some people want those already supplied features improved. Improved doesn’t mean added - all the advertised features have always been there beatgrid. Bpm, just not as refined as some were hoping for. Refinements might happen in between some of the lesser spoken of features that get added by firmware.


You are absolutely missing the point accordingly to djberties post.

So I salute you for bringing up name-calling once again :pray: poor skills.

I will always speak my mind and yes we are getting things that weren’t advertised - but in No way you can say that the algorithm is good enough.

I respect others feature request, even if I dont mind its not coming. Try the same.

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Two great points, eventually.

We have more of a machine than what was originally made available to us. What we bought then is better now, and it cost us nothing for those multiple improvements.

The blurb said it had bpm detection and beat grid and it does have both of those things - there is, and there can never be, any denying that those features are there. Again, some people, playing some genres, on some songs, would like the existing bpm and beat grid features tweaked or adjusted to cover some songs or genres better and denon have said they are planning to do so.

Throwing toys out of strollers every x days won’t speed up that plan