Engine DJ not starting on my Windows 10 computer

Experiencing the same issue here. Even went back to a Windows version from August but still the same issue. Engine begins to load and then closes down without any error messages. Never had any issues with the same setup in the past…

Any updates?

mine still not working. using earlier version of Engine Prime for now.

Couple of things you could try to see where the issue is.

Firstly open Event Viewer and the Applications Log. Hit start, type Event Viewer, run the application, navigate to windows logs, then Application Log. Run the Engine Desktop software and when it failed to load check the log (you may need to refresh it). The application log usually provides the technical information as to why the program did not start. This will be geek speak to most, however post it in here and I’ll see if I can identify it.

Second, right click the desktop icon and select “Run as Administrator”. See if this is a permissions problem, which it may be, i.e. accessing the windows registry.

I’ll help out if I can.

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It just happened to me randomly. It was working fine, I went to close it and opened it back up later that day and boom nothing. It’s “open” when I hover over the Engine icon on your application ribbon at the bottom of your screen but can’t get it to expand or even close window without Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close it in task manager. I tried countless versions from the past, deleting the databese2 and entire Engine folders so i can write new ones and nothing. I ended up making a new User Profile on my computer to sign into other than my normal Admin. That solved it instantly, I don’t have my database (because I forgot to save a copy) and have to re-do all my folders but no biggie. Everything is still all on my Prime4’s ssd and various flashdrives and the physical songs are all still on my computer. It’ll actually give me a chance to re-do my library which I had wanted to go through anyway and weed out and re-organize