Denon Warranty/Prime 2 being repaired

Well tbf to them it was the same issue and they found a bad ground cable the 2nd time and have repaired it.

I am tempted to sell but there isn’t anything out there I want to replace it with. Going back to a laptop isn’t where I want to be and my gigs with backup gear confirmed that, too many wires, too much extra gear, too long to set up each time.

It’s the first piece of gear I’ve ever had to have repaired in 22yrs too, so not done bad.

Hi i have owned the DJ Prime 2 for one year now and its was perfectly fine, until yesterday 19 march, i was playing at a gig, and the right deck stopped in the middle of the song. I pressed the play button, but it wouldn’t work. I had to switch it off and on again, still did the same thing.

Can anyone help with this please


In my case it was a grounding issue with the platter and required a repair.

If it’s a year you should contact your retailer so they can arrange a repair asap. Hopefully it’s still in the warranty period for you.

Nice one. Just out of warranty.

Ah damn that’s grim… it shouldn’t be mega money to get repaired though as it’s only a part under the platter.

Nice one. I have switched off vinyl mode and seems to be working ok again. Never had an isuee until the track stopped and started playing on its own. Very weird.

Yeah that happened to mine too, I don’t use vinyl mode much but eventually it started doing it in any mode. I guess roll with it then just be prepared to have it repaired if needed.

I use a small sub mixer to bridge the connection at gigs so I can reboot with music playing if needed.