Current SC5000m Deals July 2020

Hi, I’ve been told by a UK dealer that there is a new Denon SC5000m deal - Buy 2 get a free mixer.

Is this just for the SC5000m? I am looking at a pair of SC5000’s + mixer.

Are Denon going to do these players in the deal as well?

Any info appreciated. Thanks cypnx

Hi @cypnx, welcome to the forum!

Indeed, I think we’ve only seen the M’s in the current deals.

Only for the Ms yes.

Maybe scratching is cross fading away …

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Somebody posted recently that there was a deal on SC5000s and a mixer…

It turned out to be on the 5000Ms and a mixer

Weirdly the 5000s bundle is now more expensive

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The 5000M and 1800 are discontinued.

Don’t you reckon that could be the reason for the sales?

To offload old stock

Yeah - old stock is always good for discounts.

But I do think the whole scratching thing is losing appeal too. And less new DJs who have used vinyl before, not seeing the same benefit in the motorised Models as a vinyl user would get. Which could be why the 5000m is having big sales promotions, with the 5000 non-m not having any need for promotions.

Can you switch the spinning platter off and therefore having a vinyl feel without the spin?

Yes, but the motor is instead of the centre platter jog displays - so no album art on M

Thanks. I’ve just read an DJTT article which said if you turn off it goes as if in jog mode so no real point really as you couldn’t do any scratches, back spins etc, only nudging.

For what it’s worth, is having a buy one get one half off for the SC5000 and SC5000M. Good until the end of the month.