Bpm jumps to 120

Hi, something strange is happening the last two days. When I load a song in Engine DJ on my MacBook and on my SC6000’s, some songs switch bpm to 120. It seems to happen kind of randomly. The actual tempo of the songs does not change, so the grid becomes totally wrong also, making it impossible to loop (which I do a lot). Some songs stay listed in their original bpm, with some songs the bpm also changes in the lists. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance, Hans.

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… i have nearly the same problem: Missing Overviews in some Tracks since 2.0.x

I have also experienced this. I have been locking my tracks grid when exporting from Lexicon to engine. This seems to fix the 120 BPM issues but my grids are far from perfect. I wonder if it is because I am not letting engine grid them? This hurts my loops.

I use Serato without any grid information and my loops work fine there. I am hoping Engine OS gives us old skool kats a way to completely turn off the grid, only relying on BPM data for looping.

Hi, I also export from Lexicon. I have learned now what could be the problem: tracks look like they have been analyzed, but in fact they have not. (They don’t have a finch.) So when I analyze them in Lexicon, export them again to external drive and play them on the SC6000, the problem seams to be solved. Fingers crossed… (I have to say Christiaan from Lexicon never gets tired of helping me with all of my problems and questions.)


Thank you! When you export from lexicon, are you locking the grids, or just leaving that setting on default?

I’m still not sure what’s best. So I tried all, but the effect is still not clear to me. Last time I unlocked them all, but I could not adjust the beatgrid with my SC6000, which I expected. So I guess it’s a matter of trial and error :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll report back if I find more info.

Revisiting this,

I deleted my prime database and exported my crates from Lexicon with the grids set to unlocked. After re-import into Prime, my BPM’s and Grids are accurate and match Serato now.

The problem came back again, no matter how I use Lexicon. Does anyone else have any updates or luck?

A moderator at Lexicon recommended that I export from lexicon directly to my SD/thumb drive. It works but I do not like having the waveform generated on the fly. These players need all the help they can get to keep them searching and loading songs quickly.

When going to next track… the grid fixates to a 120bpm range… random track bpm, which has been set correct allready… boom 120bpm…

It’s realy weird why engine doe this now…

EDIT: I just found out a solution for this issue:

1 you select all the tunes you want to work on

2 rightmouse button “Re-Analyse tracks”

3 Wait it out

4 From this moment on you can continue without any probs that the bpm switches to 120; affecting the grid.

This shouldn’t be happening tho, since all those tunes are allready been analysed … Weird

Thank you for the update!

I imagined that re-analysis would fix this but Engine would make a mess out of my properly grided transition tracks. I went in Serato and fixed all the transition tracks one-by-one a long time ago. I would hate to have to do that again :frowning:

I feel like it would be faster (8 hours standby time) to delete the engine database and start fresh every time I update from Lexicon.

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i am realy gutted by this …

The re-analyse situation should be covering it you’d think…

But the algorithm keep on messing it up…

I thought it was an issue with a library synced from lexicon & back… but that’s NOT the case

Engine seems to have created a 120bpm situation a couple of upgrades ago… The big problem is you can’t see it untill you load in a track in the player or on the denon devices…

Way to go Denon, again… after ± 4 months of rebuilding the database… AGAIN… for the 4-5th time… i can restart AGAIN

I feel your pain. Hopefully, Engine creates a better import tool for users that manage their library in other platforms.

Hopefully, Engine creates a better import tool for users that manage their library in other platforms.

From experience with denon… I highly doubt it…

For now… 'm rescanning & rebuilding for the last time now… This time 'm working in Rekordbox, i find this app more ergonomic to work with + importing from RB to Lexicon seems to be more on point grid/cue-wise… This database will be my starting-ground from now on.

    1. Rekordbox db (incl. cue markers)
    1. Import the RB-xml to Lexicon
    1. Edit cue marker names & colors in Lexicon
    1. Export the Lexicon db (based on RB xml) to the needed platforms
    1. Engine seems to play hardball again… all tracks 240bpm this time… NO WORRIES STILL GOT A PERFECT DB IN RB!!

And please denon officials… don’t suggest some work-arounds because your app should do the trick easily instead of swimming against the flow.

“Denon keeps on being innovative” by “Being different”… I totally Support this mentality!! but “Being difficult” is not the same as “Being different”

Rant out

Yep, that’s my workflow except that I start in Serato. I want to continue to manage my library in Serato, and sync to engine, as I have a ton of Serato gear.

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made the switch from pioneer to denon as they were gving more for the buck… Prime 4 is a delight to work with btw! but it’s that ecosystem based around the satanic app called Engine that messes up all the joy over & over again…

Wanted to post the solution here. My issue was that my Serato database contained a ton of old files that were analyzed in older versions of Serato. I re-analyzed my entire library and everything worked with Lexicon and Engine thereafter.

Twas a lot of work as Serato’s analysis isn’t perfect. I’m still fixing BPM changes.

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