Akai bring stem separation to MPC line [update - out now]

I believe the Prime kit has the same CPU as the MPCs (Rockchip RK3288) so what works there should work here. Some of the Primes also have a DSP on top.

I wouldn’t mind even paying 10 dollars for it on Prime soft/hardware if necessary.


Yeah. The Akai Pro Force is pretty much a Prime Go.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

I came here to say this too! Just watched the video and got super excited! Coming to desktop software first.

Sweet and powerful move. Not super relevant for me, since I prefer the integrated Synth engines of my Akai Force, but still, my salutes.

And yes, those CPUs are identical. They are rather weak chips (by today’s standards), which makes it even more impressive what the devs can squeeze out of them.


Nice to have it. Since they use the same/ similar (as I think) chips there is hope for the current Denon generation to get it as well.

I really hope there will be some merge or crossover points between the two OS. Some integrated akai stuff with denon would be nice. Throw in a new denon mixer to connect everything like the current Soundswitch standalone thing and you can have some more of my money. :smile:

Since Akai is probably one of the top companies of InMusic I could a see a case to boost denon sales with some exclusive functions between them booth. For example look at fred again who highly uses the akai and also cdjs. Or fjaak who also used akai mpc live. Give some cool interconnected musical features and there could be a good case to switch to Denon. But who am I just a thought :smile:


Now we can log into profiles maybe a ‘purchase & unlock’ option could arrive one day.

Similar to how others do it, buy a plugin or feature and it’s added to each device that’s logged in via registered hardware.

Having an advanced sampler from Akai Pro or one of their sequencers for an extra fee would be good. I don’t want to see everything go this way but for adding additional features to existing ones would be great. Stems would be a perfect example of this.

I would not do a sub though. I like to buy outright.

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I wonder if this is what they have been working on in the background and using the Akai products to perfect the algorithm. Perhaps we will be seeing an updated Beta version for the Prime 4+ stems soon, with some of the work done here being ported across.

Id say ‘that’ll shut the haters up’, but it wont will it, lets be honest.


Well here’s the thing: What we’ve heard of the Akai implementation so far is done with the desktop software. We don’t know at this stage whether the standalone MPC separation will sound the same.

Of course, now we’ve heard the desktop separation, if the standalone IS worse, no doubt there will be complaints. We’ll have to wait and see.

Even if Denon add the separation as a pre-prepared thing on the desktop, that makes a file which will play on the Prime hardware, that’s better than nothing.


They will never be silenced. Just gonna pick something else to hate on.

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I have a general question for the experts on here.

Would something like the MPC Live 2 be useful as an addition to my DJ sets. Currently i have an LC-6000 powering channel 3 on Serato, if i was to replace it with an MPC would i get full use of it? or am i better off sticking with Serato’s sample banks for some simple looping etc.

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If you’re using DJ software with sample banks etc. then it probably wouldn’t be much of an advantage. In fact, if you’re recording loops from playing tracks then that’s simpler in the software.

For playback though, it could offer you more. Depends what you want to do.

When I stream, I use a Maschine+ to play percussion along with the music. The separate standalone M+ has way more samples on it than I have in my DJ software, and the 16 pads are more convenient than two banks of 8 on my controller. Also it means I don’t have to keep swapping pad modes back & forth on the controller.

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I think i need to delve deeper into what Serato offers before spending any cash PK… ive never really used the sampler in DJ Pro so im guessing im missing loads of options there.

If you want to see a master at work, check out what Buck Rodgers does:

WARNING !! contains strong language !!

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You want to hear my teams calls at work :laughing:

Thats not right, look at that video of akai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnDTt0winYI

they presented a live Demo of stems seperation on a MPC with fading in/out several elements. Looked promising.

I also use the maschine + at the moment, got it used via a superb deal. But i have a mpc one + in the pipeline that my friend is selling me for also a pretty good price. Lets see if the MPC One can replace the maschine + workflow.

@STU-C i find it better to work with such an standalone device than my computer (use it simliar to PKtheDJ). Mostly the same arguments to switch to a standalone DJ set up with the maschine plus and mpc one. But since i work in IT and have some extra shifts after work for my whole famliy as exlusiv IT consultant :smiley: , i just like to keep my pc away from me (i know SC6000 and maschine plus are also computers, but a different form factor to trick my brain :D)

What isn’t right? All the videos so far have shown stem separation on MPC desktop software. The hardware is connected to the computer via USB. Standalone is not available yet.

You are right my bad :blush:

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News just in - Akai have released stems for MPC desktop software. Available now!