(after newest update) the visual waveforms are periodically freezing

I updated to the newest firmware, and now I’m having an issue when I play a song the visual waveform, starts freezing periodically. it’s happening on both decks. Is anyone else having this issue, if so does anybody know how to fix this? I’m thinking it might be from the x1800 mixer somehow (maybe?)

I have the same problem(Prime 4). It freezes for some frames.

I just put the old 2.2.0 Back on them. I think it has to something to do with the skip beat feature :cold_face:

I think I go back to v2.2.2 because i have in a few days a gig and i play 6 hours.

Mine didn’t freeze for the 1 day that I tested 2.3.0. Mine waveforms were stuttering when they scrolled to the left every few seconds. It was very annoying… I’m pretty sure it’s all related to the same underlying issue in the code. I reverted back to 2.2.2 for now. I posted about it on a thread here:


Update today my prime 4 and sc5000’s same problem, no problems at 2.11