16kHz LPF?

That’s exactly what we want to hear!!

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I’ve also put it to the test also and the results are that people on the floor don’t care about sound quality unless it really sounds like garbage.

I’ve witnessed djs with more than a decent sound system playing with low quality mp3s and at the end of the night hear from poeple how the dj played good tunes.

Pesonally for me I want the best quality sound so I can sit back listen, enjoy and say I’ve arrived. And if there is anything to improve than it should be improved.

I think Ecler scored a slam dunk on the point-oh Nuos, other than their lack of resonance filters and the difficulty in servicing them (layers and layers of stuff to get though for even simple repairs). So you’ve got the Ecler and the SC2900s. If you’re one to use keylock a lot and go crazy with the pitch slider, you might want to consider the SC5000M. You’d still have the old Denon touch with its Ethernet track offload and superior keylock off capability, but you’d add moving platter, superior key changing capabilities, pads, more pitch ranges and better res, etc, on Prime. We’re getting Wi-Fi, too. If you’re not one to turn keylock off frequently or return to zero, especially if you want to change key plus or minus at-will, you might not notice much sonically wrong with Prime through the analog Ecler, anyway.

Thanks for all the input everybody, I appreciate your time.

I agree that most guests most of the time don’t care about sound quality on the dance-floor, at least consciously. I do believe that a decent sound quality improves the overall quality of the presentation, but, a bit like mixing, song choice is the single most important thing at any gig. Everything else after that just adds to the feel. There are systems out there that sound ok, but you notice how loud they are and then there’s systems where you don’t notice, they just are. The other thing is, my guests are only going to be listening to my system for about 3 hrs in the whole of their lives; I’m going to be listening to it week in, week out so I want it to sound as good as possible, considering all the other things I want it to do.

It’s clear that the sound quality of the SC5000/M’s is good enough - there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it or there would be lots of people shouting about it, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be improved if it can be. I can also see why people want to Denon to do something about it, but as we all know, you can’t please all of the people, all of the time and different people will have different priorities. Just because someone places a higher importance on sound quality than you do, doesn’t mean that they’re geeks or anal (as has been suggested more than once in this thread), it just means that they have a different set of priorities to you. I absolutely couldn’t care less about editing loop names or stars, but I appreciate that to some people this is a priority and they care less about the sound quality.

That Denon IS listening and acting on the feedback it receives makes me confident to invest in the units (just need some cash now!)

Oh and what’s with using geek as an insult anyway?! Geeks make the world a better place - whether it’s medicine or iPads or cars or whatever. I would bet my house that the people that designed, coded and developed the SC5000 were geeks.