Zone feature for x1800

Hey guys, just a thought- would it be possible to implement the zone feature with the x1800 when used with the sc5000/M’s to have a layer playing through one of the outputs?

Hi there @Majestik, thank you for your question. Zone output is not possible with the X1800 with only Master and Booth Outputs. Anything the SC5000/M plays, no matter the layer or channel, that signal will come out of the master outputs in conjunction with other tracks you play during your set on the other channels. The Zone output function on the PRIME 4 totally separates Channel 4 from what’s being played to the Master and dedicated it to Zone… Hope this information helps!

If you really really really needed to get a completely different selection of music out to a different area in a venue, without buying extra kit and not having an amazing Prime 4, you could do it this way…

Plug the Layer B outputs from an SC5000 into the zone amplifier or powered speaker audio cable, then switch to layer B on that player and start playing a crate or playlist with continuous mode on.

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Thanks @Nekoro_DenonDJ it was more a feature suggestion, was thinking it could be done with some firmware adjustments and perhaps using the unbalanced RCA outs on the x1800 (depending on how the x1800 is wired internally) I have no use for it personally but thought it may be an innovation for the development backlog if possible. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feature suggestion too!

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