You can record your mixes via USB in Rekordbox

Coming from a NXS2 setup I thought it may help others to know that recording via the USB on the top of the X1800 is possible with Rekordbox. You have to download the Denon DJ X1800 Prime Asio (from Denon DJ) and select it in your Rekordbox Preferences / Audio / Driver

Set the input record to USB 9/10 and then either use the Rekordbox Record Level control (next to the record button!) or use the Utility screen on the X1800 to increase the output level to the desired setting.

I’ve always found this the most convenient way to record my mixes on Pioneer gear and figured others may like to know how it’s done until Engine is updated with similar functionality (hopefully!) I don’t believe you need a performance licence either to use the Record facility in Rekordbox

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as soon as the x1800 is recognized as a soundcard by your os you can record with anything you want.

The X1800 has another really good RECORD to USB feature, although Rekordbox can’t make use of it.

If recording from the X1800 to a professional DAW program, you can record each of the 4 music channels out to separate recording channels - not just USB 9/10. This way, if you play back your recording and find that the mix from channel 2 to channel 3 at /that/ particular moment was too loud, too quiet, too early, too late etc, you can simply adjust the channels in that mix accordingly to make the mix perfect.

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Perhaps this can be shown in a video tutorial. Idea :bulb:

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This is achieved by just going to Advance Audio (on the mixer menu) then :slight_smile:

USB Audio: These settings determine the routing and levels of USB audio.

CH1–4/Master/Cue Assign: These settings determine which USB audio channels (1/2–9/10) will receive the audio signal from Channels 1–4 (CH1–CH4), the master mix (Master), and the cue channel (Cue).

Is there an option to record without having a “professional DAW program” as I don’t own such a piece of software and probably more Prime users don’t have this.

Is Rekordbox then the route to go from the X1800 USB to the PC/MAC or are there other solutions

rkbx is certainly no DAW - the resulting file will simply be a standard stereo file.

Some have suggested Audacity, which is quite well known.

You could try some of the various other programs around. However cheap or free software apps from unheard of companies/bedroom coders could give unexpected or undesired results.

A professional DAW is definitely a lovely thing if you want to muck around with your channels after recording. If however you want a straight-forward way of recording your mix in and are used to the simplicities of Rekordbox it’s a good no fuss option that produces a wav file. Which was the original point of my post :slight_smile:

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hi Ge, this is great, thank you, but I lost, don’t work or not configured the BPM FX Mix 1800 table when using 2 ch recording in Daw (Logic) or even 1. Any suggestion? when sort usb and change to a jack output works, USB table configuration?I cannot figure it out. Really wanna record a set like this but be able to use mix effects.

Thank you

Correct. And it’s been possible to do this way back from 2010 with X1600 and X1700 mixers (people coming from Pioneer setups might be surprised to know they also had usb send/return and were ios compliant - you could use a ipad as external effector).

X1800 makes recording easier by having a utility setting on the mixer so you can route the master channel into the USB 1/2, enabling you to record your mixes in simple programs like Audacity.

Considering most DJ’s will likely trim the audio file after recording or apply some processing on it, it makes sense to skip the Rekordbox and just go to Audacity for everything.

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Configuration Issue. Sorry