X1850 same buzzing issue as x1800?

I now have 2 x1800 mixers. Both I bought used. 1 I don’t know how old it is and has the well know buzzing from the PCB as you can hear in my link. So I bought another used one. Within a week it has the same problem! In fact at my last gig my newer mixer was buzzing and my older one worked ok after swapping them out during sound check. On my older one I tried the fix then someone posted on here where you attach extra grounding wires or something but I still have the intermittent problem. Obviously I want this fixed, but my question is, do people still have this problem on the x1850 ? Thanks in advance. Doug

Unfortunately the only way to get this fixed property is to send it to Denon and argue your case that they should fix it discounted or FOC but even then I think it can reoccur

This is so common X1800’s are best avoided imo I don’t think X1850’s suffer from this and are generally a similar price so a much better bet

Thanks for your reply. I’m on it with Denon, we will see what happens.

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I have no issues with my 1850.

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Denon have agreed to fit both units for free. I have already bought an X1850 and I’ll sell both the x1800 when they have been serviced.

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