X1850 Mixer for Sale

Apologies in advance if sales aren’t allowed on these boards. I feel I’ve got a solid deal but I’m not reaching enough Denon users. I’ve got an X1850 mixer for sale on Reverb. Asking $900. New in April.

I like it, it works great with my 5000m players (that I love and are not for sale). I’ve taken it out of the house once, otherwise it stays in a road case, (the case isn’t for sale either). I am looking for a mixer that has a USB-A hub so I can switch off with a friend while using Serato with the SC5000s as controllers. This mixer has 2 USB-B inputs for 2 computers but the 5000s can only be attached to one computer at a time for this kind of set-up.

Hey Donny, yeah this is not a buy and sell forum buddy, I mean if someone is interested they can pm you.