X1850 Died


I wondering if someone could advise me of a company preferably in the West Yorkshire area to fix my X1850 mixer. It’s around 18 months old so out of guarantee, the dealers I bought it from aren’t interested now it’s out of guarantee so I’m left looking to get it repaired myself. Its been uncoupled twice its entire life, once to have the pcb replaced & the second time whilst I was redecorating, when I went to couple it all back together the mixer wouldn’t power up?? I’ve tried several different leads & the best I can get is the large FX on/off button flicking red which is weird in itself as it’s not supposed to be red at all during normal use!! The hub at the back of the mixer seems to flash its lights in some kind of sequence & that’s about as much as I can tell you.

Any help greatly appreciated

@Anthony_DDJ one for ya


Hey @philgal1 - Happy to help here. Let’s connect in a DM and I can have technical support send you a list of service centers to consider. Send me a quick DM with your name and email attached.

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