X1800 - Where to see a demo unit?


Not sure if you can help me with this (or someone else reading) but I haven’t found any stores near me with a display unit available to touch. Do you know of any stores in the 613 area code (that’s the eastern end of Ontario, Canada) that have a display unit available?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Todd

I’ll reach out to our Canadian Sales/Marketing Manager to ask that question for you. Will report back when I have a response.


Hi again Todd

contact Dennis Chatterton at Long and McQuade in Ottawa. Try https://www.long-mcquade.com/location/Ontario/Ottawa/

Let us know how you get on. We have a plan B should that not prove fruitful.

Best, Paul

I know Dennis well! I didn’t think he had one, but I’ll check in with him.

Thanks for the help Paul!