X1800 update

I watched a video where one of your reps was answering questions, whilst he was isolated. He read out a question that I had posted, the question read When will the X1800 be updated to bring up to X1850 level with quantized fx, and 2 new fx. He relied that the update would come out in 2 weeks. That was nearly 3 weeks ago. I’m hanging out for it.

You should be socially distancing lol.

Well as with everything else in the world right now…

From a business sense though, perhaps after the 1850 gets into peoples hands

But let’s not worry about Corona - denon have said that corona will be totally gone “Soon” and that the end of corona is “just around the corner”

OH MY GOD !!! :running_woman: :running_man:‍♂ :running_woman: :running_man:‍♂

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Never seen such a statement…

It was just nearly 3 weeks ago. It was Jay when he was in isolation. He had the prime 4 in front of him and SC6000 and X1850 behind him in his home studio / room answering questions. It was on FB.

First of al it was Jason, not Jay , but for the most important part of your post and the answer to your questio let’s rewind…Go to to 19:00 of the video for the question and the answer

The answer is ‘We are actually finalizing that firmware now, and we expect to deliver that in the next coming weeks’

So first of all it’s an expectation, not a confirmation. Second the timeline mentioned is next coming weeks… not in 2 weeks.

I understand that you want an update as much as I do and everyone here, but we should not twist the facts. Be patient and the patience probably will be rewarded. Stay safe

I seen the complete stream with Jason. So where is his statement about corona ending?

Ok buddy I wasn’t trying to be rude about it, I was just curious. I got his name from djkit.com which he called him Jay not Jason. I didn’t have the original video to go by. I can’t play the video in the reply box. Thanks and have a nice day.

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It will when it comes. Try by yourself to run a company when the world is hit by a virus that shut down all activity. Stay calm, be safe.

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Those are two different people. Jason is Jwills from the america, Jay is/was based in England, although I haven’t seen a post from Jay on the forum for a long time