X1800 restarted randomly

Tonight I was DJing for a new client and the mixer restarted on its own…

I had 2 SC5ks connected network and RCA. Each player had a track loaded but none playing and all volume faders were down. My client was on the mic giving a speech and out of nowhere i heard the signal drop. When I looked down to see what the hell was going on the mixer looked like it was in vegas mode for a few seconds, then I heard it switch back on and signal came back.

Mixer and players are 1.1.1 and 1.2 firmwares

very strange and isolated things happen …

really boring… what happen with this units? and why… why why why… after 5 years all sold units are reclamed ? thanks…

Whilst you’re not making much sense at all, it seems somewhat premature to start blaming the mixer or claiming that everything needs to be reclaimed every 5 years, ha especially when it’s remembered that the x1800 hasn’t been out even 2 years yet.

This outage could have been down to almost anything from a loose powerconnector plug, local power surge, anything at all.

yeah, you right… i know,… just hope that my units will do his work now, had trouble with 1 player too, so i am a bit uncertain, surly i hope the best for all.

dont misunderstand :slight_smile:

I ruled out all user errors before posting this Mr. Anderson.

I am not one to complain for the sake of complaining, especially before i have ruled out if it it was something I did or not.

I have had this mixer since April and have never had a loose cord of any kind.

If it were a surge my power strip would have tripped shutting the whole system down.

The only thing I can think if is it was a firmware glitch or being that I live in Texas it was heat related.

I seriously doubt it was heat related though because I have used this mixer outside in near 100F temps and it has been fine. When the mixer restarted I was indoors and it could not have been warmer than 80F. And my booth has a perforated shelf.

No offense to Denon, they have great products, but I am trying to decide if I should continue to to risk losing money because of glitches. Do you think that client will ask me to come back after my system restarts for no apparent reason? Paying clients do not want excuses and empty promises that it wont happen again. They will just find another DJ


Despite also being digital, previous Denon mixers (x1600 and x1700) never had such issues/features. Why am I saying “features”? Because I strongly suspect it’s one engineers smart idea of putting some kind of protection on the circuitry. Random restart was also reported in the DJWORX review of the unit.