X1800 no longer an audio option on my iMac

Recently my mixer x1800 simply stopped showing up as an audio out option on my iMac. My mixer has been repaired about 6 months prior due to that whirling clicking sound issue that a bunch have had. Denon replaced it, but now I’m dealing with it not being recognized by my computer. I’ve updated the firmware on all devices in my prime set up (x1800 & 2 Sc5000). The set up works just fine in standalone mode; however when connected to the iMac via usb cable, I get nothing…and I’ve always been able to utilize the system when attached to the computer.
I’ve reached out to the technical department and have heard nothing back which was about 13 days ago, so now I’m trying this via the forum, hoping someone cares enough to give this a little time and help. Any advice would be helpful…thank you.

So the mixer was repaired/replaced 6 months ago for a click issue. Has that replacement mixer never ever been recognised by your computer since then or has it been recognised initially and recently stopped being recognised?

Sorry, yes since the replacement the mixer was recognized by my iMac and only recently, within the last couple weeks has it not been recognized. I wish I could point toward some event or mishap as to its reasoning. But in all honesty, one day it worked just fine, the next, nothing.

Maybe update was performed on your mac OS?

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I’m not sure I follow how that would completely negate the existence of the x1800 entirely on my system. Plus, after my most recent update the mixer was working and visible on the iMac.

Lol cannot even count how many times updates to mac OS (Core Audio drivers) have broken compatibility with audio interfaces (despite being compliant). That’s why mac is the worst/best (depending on who you ask).

Anway, a few more info would be helpful: is the x1800 audio interface not recognised as audio interface on the OS or just not visible at all? 2. How about midi? 3. Tested the usb 2 port on the mixer? 4. Have a win machine to test if it’s a mac issue?

That’s my guess - Apple don’t know the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They’ve broken core audio several times before

Very true and well said, although I’ve never experienced any issue after an update so consider my eyes now open to the possibility of the CORE audio being broken after an update…it’s just that it was operational for some time after I updated and then suddenly without any indication, one day wasn’t recognized any longer. To answer your questions: The mixer is Not recognized at all I have tried both USB 1 & 2 - both with the same outcome I do not have a 5 pin cable but I can locate one to check the midi port. I dOnt have a windows machine in my possession; however I can locate one.
I’ll try to make that connection here within the next hour or so and report back.
Anything else anyone can think of which may fix this issue is welcomed completely. Thanks for all your time on this guys, hopefully we can arrive at some type of solution soon.

Avoid usb hubs and be especially careful of usb-C to usb 3 adaptors

Yes, I’m fully aware. No hubs or adapters are being used in this scenario.

No, that’s not what I meant. Could you please follow this guide: https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203189300-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues-on-OS-X-and-macOS

Thank you for the info. I tried all those options and nothing came of it. In the audio midi section on the iMac, I reset the midi devices and removed everything. I then reconnected the x1800 and it didn’t recognize the device was plugged in. I turned off the power in the mixer and turned it back on - the computer recognized the device for 3 seconds before there was an audible click from the mixer and then it disappears from the iMac saying no devices are connected when it clearly still is. My frustration is that it’s obviously something faulty in the mixer. This will now be the 2ND time in less than a year and a half that I have to send in the mixer and repair it, only now after the first repair which was a faulty issue on Denon’s end (the whirling clicking issue that countless people have also had issue with) my devices is now out of the warranty. And for an $1800 device, I shouldn’t have to pay to have this repAired yet again in less than 18 months of ownership…this is beyond infuriating.

Doesn’t seem conclusive. I’d try the mixer on a computer with less os updates on it first - windows or OS X , just to see. The 3 seconds of sensing could be ending each time due to the computer deciding to drop the connection. I’ve got a multi function printer scanner which the os drops the scanner link whenever I printed

@djaybmiles, you really need to rule out that the MacBook could be the problem. After that, you should contact support and see what they can do about this. Warranty or not; it needs fixing.

I feel your pain. My mixer has just developed the same fault after just over a year after the initial repair that was done within the first year of warranty! This whirring and clicking fault. And now I’m trying to contact a Uk department but can’t find any numbers or email and the support website doesn’t work if you select Uk. Any ideas? I’m also very worried about paying for a repair that should have been fixed properly in the first place. Gutted!

Do you mean the same fault you had a year ago of the wrlhorring and click noise or do you mean this thing about a Mac only seeing the mixer for a few seconds then ignoring it,l?

Hi, sorry I mean the wrlhorring and click noise and noise distortion.