X1800 midi sync problems

My X1800 is communicating to start my MC707 but it will not reflect the BPM of my SC5000 and no updating will show the current playing SC5000 bpm on the x1800 despite I think i have everything as i should, my SC5000ā€™s mix great together with the ethernet connections linked. Obviouse until i can refect the correct BPM from player to mixer i wont be able to time my mc707

Any advice appreciated their is only a basic video online that shows nothing in-depth only tell me what i already know, so its this Denon only commination problem or something I am not doing correctly, so need a better tutorial maybe ?

Help and advice appreciated.

Do You use Engine Connect on the mixer?

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(Solved) Yes midi connect, I think i have it solved now, I had the fx set to master but it updated when i selected the actual track, i was thinking midi out data not sc5000 too x1800 my mistake it did tell me in booklet but i was to busy thinking of my synths and midi so overlooked that it had to be exact channel from sc500 not the master fx ch . Thanks for getting back to me much appreciated.

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Great hat You have it solved. Happy mixing!

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