X1800 had buzzing issue


My X1800 has, what i’ve now realised, seemes to be a somewhat common buzzing issue happening when i turn it on, audio distorts, weird clicking and buzzing sounds from inside the box.

I’ve got a NYE gig i wanted to use this gear for, has anyone had any joy getting in touch with Denon? My unit is out of warranty.

Search on here, it’s the grounding issue. Easy fix can be found where you just wire the 3 earthing screw holes together.

Mine works perfectly now from using this fix.

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Hiya cheers for the response.

i’ve done that and it’s sort of fixed it but it’s still being slightly crackly at times. Either way that’s a temp fix. how do i actually get this fixed?

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I’ve detailed what I did to resolve this on my mixer here X1800 Clicking Noise & Audio Level Drops - #9 hopefully it works for you too!

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I sent my x1800 to Denon with that exact problem, out of warranty, delivery - assessment - repair - return (its due back today) was 7 days (i’m uk based). Its a no brainer to send it to them with this level of service, very impressed.

I’ve been having the same issue and trying to figure out how to fix it myself as there’s no denon support here on Chile. I have disassembled almost every layer and made sure that every screw was nice and tight but it just keeps buzzing quite badly. One thing I’ve noticed is that after a few start-ups it stops buzzing ( maybe because of something heating up ? ) I’m out of ideas :upside_down_face: any help would be very much appreciated as Denon support said that they can’t help me, lol

I think that at first it is the grounding issue. There is a video on you*** wich explain what to do. This has solved my problem one year ago. But it happens again with my X1800, now. There are 4 audio relays (small rectangular box marked A5W-K) soldered on the PCB wich holds the jack and XLR connectors. Those relays, I think, switch on/off the signal for balanced output and Booth IN/OUT. My explanation is that the grounding problem, wich can be heard as a bzzz like from a bee, fly or animal like that, comes from those relays, wich switch on an off undefenitely, and has damaged them. It’s like the relays cannot stay hold. If you hit the back of the mixer, it usually may stops that oscillation. I desoldered the 2 ones wich are just close to the XLR connectors and the bzz happens, but far more frequently, and can be stop with just on tilt on the back of the mixer. I’m gonna remove the 2 other relays and replace with new ones, while soldering IC socket wich will be far more easy for replacing again. I’ll come back soon with the results of my work + pictures

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