X1800 fader problem

Hello I have a question about my video that documents the fader error.

I’m sure that this is a hardware problem, but I want to know your opinion about it. Or maybe someone had had the same experience on his X1800.

Looks like a 100% broken fader - send it for repiar. Unfortunately the faders are soldered to the main control board - not user replacable.

Ok thanks, I already emailed the store I have bought it. Denon has 2 years of warranty or not?

Best is to check the warranty policy of your shop.

What stand are you using for that overhead shot?

Normally this is a mic arm and I transformed it with some go pro connections and the SP Connect holder that holds my iPhone.


Same problem. I fixed it under warranty. Goodness.

Quiet strange. My mixer was send to Denon from the dealer i bought it for repairing the fader. Since two months it is there and yesterday i received an email. They said that they are testing it since two months and the problem hasn’t been detected yet. They want to continue testing. I also send them the video above, there the problem is clearly noticeable. If you have also send something to repair to Denon. How long did it took to get fixed ?

way to long.

I bought my first setup in December 2019. Mixer X1800 was a DOA. It was send to Denon by the retailer. Denon replaced it May 2020. Turnaround time nearly 5 months (perhaps due to Coevid19).

I bought a second setup in November 2020. All three units have problems since day one, took over a month with many emails till the units where picked up. Unlimited Frustrations. Denon wrote me that the mixer will be replaced with new one, both mediaplayers not. Denon service thought, all issues must be caused only by the faulty mixer. In terms of the SC5000m mediaplayers some errors also occur when the players are directly connected to each other or even in standalone operation without an Ethernet cable connected, it is technically impossible that these errors are caused exclusively by the X1800 mixer. I guess a hardware error in the players, possibly hairline cracks in circuit boards, or even defective soldering points.

I can’t check the Units again, cause these are still not back, although Denon apparently sent them. I don’t know where the parcel service delivered them to. Case not resolved yet.

Short Update

Long story short the mixer is back. It has only taken 3,5 months to get it fixed. Good service is something different. Also the warranty time they needed to fix I got not extra on top. I hope also that they have fixed it. I will see how it performs.

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They have to. Even if Denon tries to exclude this, there are EU regulations that prescribe this and prevent an exclusion for the benefit of the customer. In Germany, also a distinction must be made between guarantee and warranty.