Wow thats a first

Well that evening went well… Started at 7pm.

At 8 pm got told to kill it as paramedics entered and started working on brides father that had just had a heart attack. Unfortunately its not a happy day for the bride and groom as they have just pronounced him deceased… Now my equipment is under lockdown until coroner releases it ( hopefully monday)

Like i really need days like this…

Wow. That’s crazy

Hope you are okay

Not good at all but I can’t understand why your gear has anything to do with it. Surely the body is taken away and that’s it… unless your equipment was directly involved.

When my mother passed away they never locked down the entire care home.

Yeah @mufasa just sort of numb 7pm he was jumping round like a lunatic. Nows he is dead …

@kradcliffe apparently everything has to stay exactly as it was until coroner has agreed its not a crime scene or something. I wasnt really listening at that point i just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

Bloody hell. Bit of a shock. In the 37 years I’ve been a DJ I’ve never had anything like that happen.

Mind you my gig tomorrow is a surprise 80th (seriously) so wish me luck :crossed_fingers:

Better not play the Prodigy as my first song.

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Shock is a bit of an understatement… I thought id seen it all. Fights … breakups… accidents … cock ups etc . Never tbought i would ever be in the middle of something like this though. I normally have an answer for everything and can always find something to say in situations … but this just sort of floored me… im like errrrrrrr like what the f$%k do i say or do now

Yeah it’s one of those things you can never prepare for.

Echoing everybody elses comments. Hope you’re ok.

It goes without saying that the most important people here are the family of the unfortunate guy though. In the big scheme of things, you losing access to your gear for a couple of days isn’t a big deal.

However… I’m curious to know what would happen if you needed that gear for a gig the following night. If your income relies on it, would they let you take it? Also the hypothetical client for the next night, …do they sue you for breach of contract, or the coroner?

Would public liability insurance cover this sort of situation, if you weren’t able to do a gig due to equipment being locked up.

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Bloody hell, hope you’re OK after that?

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Luckily i dont need it for a week but i do have access to another rig if i needed it.

To be quite honest I’m actually debating hanging the cans up. To actually watch this happen in front of you having joked earlier in the evening about making the night memorable… i just dont know at the moment. Maybe its a blessing that my gear is under seizure. Its times like this that you realise just how precious life is and how quick and at the most in opertune moments it can be snuffed out.

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Quick update. Gear was released no issues. (Not suspicious) Bride has been in touch the initial report if autopsy is an aortic aneurysm… ( he had literally no chance of surviving it). She isnt as cut up as me and wants to have wedding reception round two in a fortnight. ( the venue has said they will redo it all free of charge. She has asked me though ( her words) to “try not to kill anyone else”. She happy that he saw her get married and died while enjoying himself which is all anyone could ask…


That’s a good result. Just out of interest, are you charging for DJing? (No judgement from me if you are, I’d probably want to cover fuel/expenses at least)

Cant really… she paid for the first one and only got an hour…so morally i cant