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I want to go to no laptop from Serato to engine. So these days I am making some tests for my playlists workflow. So the facts are these: My music is in external drive formatted as Mac. I imported Serato playlists at collection and then I went to sync manager to export it to an exfat drive. At the middle of the process it stoped probably due to hard disks sleep and then I decided to start over. This is where a disappointment starts. I click again all the playlists and I let it calculate. It calculated again all the data from playlists!! Not synced!! I thought that it will see that some of the playlists are already there and will continue. So if I add 1 track to collection it won’t sync? It will copy again all the hard drive? At my hard drive that the music is, I have real folders as playlists and the drive I want to sync is creating a music folder by artist. I don’t know if this makes some difference

Sorry for the long post hope to find a solution here

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I would re-format the external drive you want to export to and export from scratch again.

You’re trying to export to a corrupted-state DB - a recipe for disaster :grin:

Exported folders don’t follow the same folder structure of the main db. It works that way to avoid duplicate files, and is about the same on Rekorbox.


ok doing it now. I will add a new track and sync again to see if it will sync that one track thanks

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thanks mate

that worked… I have my workflow which have ready both Serato and engine to play!! and both playlists will be synced

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