Wont work with rekordbox

I can’t get my rekordbox playlist or any tracks onto my prime go. The usb was analysed when I first put it in, but out of 1200 tracks I got 7! and no playlists :sob:

Which version of Rekordbox?

I don’t know :pensive: my laptop died and I’ve got my usbs all rekordbox analysed. Which is why I bought the prime go, I thought it would read all my rekordbox files and I could re arrange playlists etc without a laptop. Now all I’ve got is 7 tunes :tired_face:

Do you think it could be that I need an updated version of rekordbox?

Don’t upgrade rekordbox -

Pioneer are shot-scarred of prime hardware and have locked rekordbox 6 from exporting your music data. It’s their imposed loyalty knee-jerk reaction

Have you used “export to usb” from engine prime to get the music in the usb stick or did you just drag and drop the files and folders

Also try a crate with all 1200 tracks in it. primes Won’t see files that aren’t in crates

Make a crate called “every bit of music I own” lol

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