Wobbly pitch control/fader

First post here so be kind! Just taken delivery of my two new SC5000s and loving them. Had CDJ900s before and its like night and day! The 10 year old dot matrix display showing its age dig time!

Only gripe I have is one of the decks has a wobbly ( from side to side ) pitch slider. Works fine and no issues with increments, but just feels a bit…budget dare I say! I have solved myself via a DIY addition under the plastic slider cap, namely adding some sticky felt that decreases the gap between the bottom of the cap and the deck. Not ideal but a lot better.

As I bought the decks online from InMusic in Nevada i’m loathed to send them back for a small issue like this. Has anyone else had this issue? Are there aftermarket pitch slider caps that could remediate?

Any feedback would be great


Hello I’ve just checked a 5000 we have here in the office and safe to say, the pitch slider is far from wobbly! Personally I would request for a new 5000, it’s not a small issue as you want precision when changing the tempo. I will pass this onto our Service Manager in America for you, but in the meanwhile, i would submit a ticket to support :slight_smile:

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I kinda get what he is saying. The SL1210 also has a piece of felt between knob and slider. It was there for a reason.

One of my 5 players’ pitch fader caps is a touch wobbly. I think it’s one of the non-Ms. I just push it down a little more. It’s the parts tolerance of the cap hole/slot. The cap will sort of very slightly tilt fore and aft like the hole/slot is slightly too large or not the same all the way up the shaft. There seems to be a bit more variation in them than desirable if I’m not the only one. Probably a teeny tiny touch of blue tack would fix it, or free caps sent out by InMusic to those mildly afflicted. I’m a bit worried about glue or blue tack getting into the fader, though.

If the actual post is wobbley, you need to RMA with your retailer. Otherwise, fader caps tend to differ slightly in all products, so every once in a while, you will end up with one that has too much play. For example, on my System 1M, out of the box, one of the fader caps needed to be replaced. Roland sent me a new one free of charge.

Thanks. I’m in contact with the service department so hopefully will get it sorted . Many thx

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Let me know what the outcome is :slight_smile:

I spoke with customer support and the kind staff are just going to send me a replacement unit. Have to applaud their customer service. Fast, efficient and very very impressed. Top Marks!


Excellent, that’s what we like to hear :slight_smile:

So is the actual post wobbly or just the plastic cap?

The post itself. From left to right . Taking the cap off just highlighted the issue more

Ok. Yeah, none of mine do that as far as I know.