With the last two versions v2.2.0 / v2.2.1 I have wi-fi problem

Good evening everyone! Has anyone been having trouble connecting to wi-fi networks after the latest updates? I have owned the SC5000 for a couple of years, I state that after the updates they have always improved and a lot, but with the last two versions v2.2.0 / v2.2.1 I have this problem: They only connect to the home Wi-Fi network, I can’t get them to connect to any other Wi-Fi network, even outside the home (Wi-Fi network in the room and to the mobile phone in the Hotspot which I state have always worked before these updates). Photo forwarding, the password is correct. Has it happened to anyone? Advice? Thanks!

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I noticed the WIFI signal strength being lower on my SC6000’s after updating from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1. Didn’t lose connection completely though.

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Hey my wifi signal has dropped too since updating

WIFI signal lower on my SC6000’s after updating from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1. as well :frowning:

Same on my Prime 4.

Also randomly disconnects completely and then asks for login details again.

Very annoying.


The same thing on my Prime 4. Disconnect randomly from my Hotspot. At the first time, i had to reboot my Prime 4. I hope they`ll fix it very fast. Or does anyone else have an idea to fix it?

I have a question. Did anyone install the update again via USB? I did it yesterday. my first try with my local WiFi Router was successful. Now im testing with my mobile Hotspot. If this is also successful, ill tel you.

I think I have a solution for iPhone user. You need to have permanent display on mode and let the hotspot options open. Then it works over hours without losing the connection. Please tell me your experience with this.

Hi everyone! I just installed the new 2.2.2 software via usb and tried again shortly after with usb cable with my imac and in both cases … The wi-fi connection does not work and has the same problem initially reported in my post! Nothing to do, even with version 2.2.2 they did not solve our problem !!!