Wifi connectivity

hi guys, just took delivery of my prime 4 yesterday, so I could be missing a setting or trick here. I can connect to my home wifi without any issues, however for when I’m out doing a gig I want to connect the prime 4 to my iPhone or iPad, however currently the prime 4 won’t detect either in the wifi set up screen, I have tried to reset network settings on both devices, simplified the name of the devices to just iPad or iPhone, turned on hotspot and maximise compatibility. am I missing something? all help greatly received.

I connect with an Android hotspot without issues. I would suggest checking these steps first, but sounds like you found that page already:

Did you also stay on the page untill connected as mentioned? Did you try to connect with USB (might work to)?

It did eventually connect but was a bit of a faff, it dosen’t show in the available wifi list every time. I had a network showing with no name I tried that but the connection failed however my iPhone showed in the list after and connected. Probably an ‘apple’ thing, these things usually are.