WiFi beta 1.4.0

Prime 4 … Does anyone else have issues connecting to a personal hotspot via Apple products. iPhone or iPad. I am using the 1.4.0 beta and had alot of issues getting connected to my iPhone X as a personal hotspot. It did work/connect but it would take many try’s to get it to connect. And if I was to get disconnect it would take minutes to get connected again.The Prime 4 has no problems connecting to my house router … its a instant connection. Thanks …just wondering if anyone else is have issues to hot spots or Apple products? Any thing that can be done Denon ? Or Any suggestion ?


You did not mention which 1.4.0 Beta you are running, but if it is Beta 1, then I would recommend you try the second beta: Download & Release Notes - v1.4 PRIME Series Public Beta 2

As there were reported improvements around the issue you seem to be facing.

Thanks ! I will try version 2 then . I think I have the version 1 . Any one have the link handy? Thanks!

The link is in my message above. Hover your mouse over second line and it should turn into a link indicator.

Thanks! Very helpful!

I’ve had issue connecting to my iPhone hotspot in version 2 beta. Version 1 was fine for me :confused:

Ok … thanks Good information. I will check both and see which one works better for me ? What model iPhone do have just wondering?

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I’m having the same issues… I can’t find the link to Beta 1. Would anyone have a download link to the Mac updater of beta 1?