Wi-Fi Login Failed

Can any of you confirm this problem?

I’m a wedding DJ in a location and I’m using the Wi-Fi connection with the Prime 4. Everything works. After a few hours the Prime 4 loses the connection. The error message Wi-Fi Login Failed appears. It is then no longer possible to establish a connection for quite some time, not even to other networks.

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Some hotels/event venues may have an additional login step (i.e. landing page for your to agree to terms of use) which isn’t Prime 4 friendly. This may or may not have been the case for the location that you were playing. Some other venues will auto-log you out after a specific timeframe. Either way, I recommend using a personal hotspot like your phone if possible. This is the method I use. For me it’s more stable and the data usage is minimal.

I’ve had this. Some places have free WiFi that lets you on free for 30 mins or a couple of hours but then insists on a log in with a password or some odd landing screen and login ritual.

You could try making your phone a hotspot or have a mobile WiFi Pocket hotspot - givingyour Prime a easy simple log in each time

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Oh, the same Problem did i have by the last gig bevor Corona stop everything! After a few hours of playing with the Prime 4 and Network WiFi over Handy Hotspot - there ist nothing going on. I dont’ know what was the Info in the Display,… Software, i think was 1.4 or 1.4.1 -

@ Hallo Stefan: das gleich eProblem hatte ich ende Februar bei einem Event , hier ist mir auch nach ein paar Stunden das Wifi über meinen Handy Hotspot nicht mehr gelaufen. Ich glaube, ein ich habe das gnaze nur durch einen Neustart wieder zum laufen gebracht. Hab emich dann auch ehrlich gesagt nicht mehr sonderlich um das Them gekümmert. Version 1.4 oder 1.41 waren damals aufgespielt…

Gruß aus Karlsruhe…


I get the same message connecting to my home network which is 5g I am running 1.5.2 version of the software