Which would you choose and why the Prime 4 or the SC5000 and X1800 Prime

Is there a specific list of features that were brought over to the Prime 4 from the SC5000 line and the x1800 prime mixer? I’m torn between purchasing those units and the Prime 4 and assistance would be helpful.

SC5000 and X1800. (got it)

If one of the players go down, I can finish the job on only one player (2 decks) and the mixer.

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Yup!! Happened to me this weekend and saved the night!!


If mobility is not an issue, I would go for the SC5000 and the mixer separately.

I would choose this over the Prime 4 for the following reasons:

-larger platter size on the players

-good screen on both SC players

-SC5000 digital output

-x1800 more friendly with third party hardware (send/return, MIDI)

-x1800 digital inputs and output

These are just a few reasons I can think of but don’t get me wrong, for mobility alone, I would buy a Prime 4 too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The units are so similar that it really comes down to your personal needs.