Which SSD for sc6000?

Hello, I need SSD’s for my new sc6000’s. I’m thinking of the Samsung 870 Evo. Is this ok and if not what would you guys recommend?



That should be fine.

Just be wary of the slow initial load times on the linked deck. Depends on your on library size and if you have your entire collection analyzed.

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Yes, Samsung SSD 870 EVO is absolutely fine. I am using it in my 2 player.

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Thanks for the replies.

I’ve bought 2 so I can have one in each player. All I need now is my players lol. Should be here next week :crossed_fingers:

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I am still not really sure if it is a big benefit to have a SSD in each player. If you want to use the prepare list or to see which songs has been already played I think it’s better to use only one.

I am still hoping that Engine OS will improve the usage of internal SSD’s in future. There is still a lot of potential like additional caching to speed up remote collections or external access as a normal network drive and not only by USB standalone connection … Let’s hope :slight_smile: