Where is nudge sensitivity in Engine 2.2 SC6000M

Hi all,

This function not appears in device menu.

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User profile / Playback / nudge sensitivity

. Nothing here :wink:

Settings \ device \ bottom of page

no there is no setting in the 2.2.2 version for the sc6000m. Was there any function in the past for the sc6000m to adjust this?

I agree. Any infos please ?

Hi this issue is a duplicate of #40580 “make-m-s-motor-off-jog-bend-adjustable”. Please vote for that issue

Any reason why you are not on the latest version?

I am using the latest version (3.0.1). This issue is still a problem. Clearly it was a problem with version 2.2.2, and probably with versions before that.

Engine OS 3.0.1

@Revan I can only assume that the photo in your last post is of an SC6000? (or an SC5000 or some other hardware) Those products do not have the problem we are discussing here. We can assure you that the Nudge Sensitivity setting does not appear on the SC6000M or SC5000M, even with the latest Engine OS update, 3.1.1