Where/how do I update my registered email address?

Hello - I’ve spent about 15-minutes now trying to find where/how to simply update my email address here and so far no luck. Can someone please advise how to get this done? Thanks

Hello? It’s been nearly a week now since posting this question. Will somebody from Denon Dj please help?

Apologies, please feel free to PM me your email and I will adjust it for you :slight_smile:

Hi sbangs – Thank you for getting back to me. How do I PM you? I’ve been searching for about 15 minutes now for a PM button and can’t seem to find anything.

Also, why does every one of my posts require approval before being posted? I’m fairly new here and this seems really strange. Have never seen this type of system before and I’m on numerous forums. Have I unwittingly done something wrong? Please advise. Thank you.

Please click my username then “Message”

Some IP addresses can trigger additional security on the first few posts, this might be due to known spammers having been on that ISP etc. I have disabled that for you.

Thank you. Appreciated. Will do now.