When will the 2.0 update will be available for all the customers?

When will the 2.0 update will be available for all the customers ?

Last I read was that the Beta has been closed, but there needs to be a change to Engine Prime as it has been found the MCX8000 can’t handle large Prime databases due to lack of processing power.

It seems the MCX8000 firmware side of things has been completed but I guess we’ll have to wait for the next Prime update and they’ll be released at the same time.

I know it’s a lot of work but nothing seems to move very fast at all regarding software releases.


I like Rekordbox’ approach at making USB drives for media players with hardware limitations. If I remember correctly, during the export process it alerts you on the limitations to expect if you use said thumb drive with an older rekordbox media player.

Alternatively there could even be a dedicated MCX8000 export option which strips out all the stuff that the 8000 can’t handle.

That could be a way around this.

And of course the next MCX8000 should be fully Prime compatible and future proof for a few update cycles.

A trade in program would have been my preferred option i.e Send in your original MCX8000 + Proof of Purchase direct to Denon DJ/InMusic and get the MCX8000 MKII at 50% off.

Cost of production/development/design savings could be made in promo

  1. No need to hire an A lister DJ to be the poster boy, just get the Serato staff/Traktor and Denon guys to demo it. I didn’t buy my SC5000 because of Laidback Luke. I bought it because of the features.

  2. Online (youtube/vimeo) competitions with eg 500 usd prizes for people showing off dj skills on their new gear.

  3. Show your set up competition on Instagram/Facebook with smaller prizes eg 200usd prize money, software vouchers, DJ pool vouchers , petrol/gas vouchers, groceries vouchers, iTunes store vouchers

  4. #WhyIDJ competition on Twitter to win grand prize the new 8000


Big up bro like this idea had nothing but problems with mine has put me off the brand to a whole so far as to reverting back to my cheapo rmx2 I think they should update the hardware to be capable of being full prime compatible as it feels like I have just spent my years money on being a beta tester

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But there is a catch, with any Dj Gear company.

If the MCX8000 had all the features and all the processing power of the SC5000 why would you spent the kind of money it takes to assemble a SC5000 and mixer set up? if you can have the same functionality for half the price with the MCX8000.

Same goes for Pioneer. Why would you buy a Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus with a Pioneer DDJM Nexus if you can have all of that on the Pioneer RX2 for half the price.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Different products for different markets and budgets.

MCX8000 is not prime; is top of the line of player / controller arena.


Would be good to get an update. The beta has been ongoing for 90 days now and that’s a lot longer than I thought it would be.

Programing is not as easy as a piece of cake.

I’m holding on to see what happens, if not, sadly i’m gonna have sell my MCX8000 and heads down admit to my fellow Dj’s friend… You guys were right, Pioneer still the standard and top product.

I have my hopes high waiting for that update or upgrade of firmware and software so I don’t have to sell my Denon, and continue to be that DJ that changed its Rider, and go back to my fellow friends with my head up high and be able to say: I Told you that Denon is on the game.

I could have sworn that the MCX was not coupled with “change your rider” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As with the Prime series: you should buy what suits you best. I for one really don’t care if someone uses Pioneer, Traktor, Serato. For me it became the Prime setup that suited me best. Even without updates or promises.

Just wish things did what they said on the tin instead of being a flurry of updates until it works then it ends up obsolete to the newer beta product.

Anyway enough of the negative its very nearly stable and hopefully the next update will solve it once and for all good luck to the dev team i’m off to spin some wax, Peace DS

I don’t know how deep Jack O’Donnell’s pockets are, but I hope InMusic can keep developing, adding affordable gear to the Prime line and linking other stuff like an MPC live into the mix!!

We also need bedroom DJ’s in the Engine Prime environment or otherwise it stops soon. Update 2.0 is very welcome, I think.

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I like your philosophy, I understand you.

I Chose Denon because I was convince by them. As you may not know, I have run from M-Audio Torq, Virtual Dj, Serato Scratch Live, Serato Dj, Traktor Duo, Traktor Scratch pro, Mixx, Mixvibes, DVS on almost all of them, Vinyl Time Codes and CD Time Codes, BPM Studio, PCDJ RED & my friends Rekordbox.

I’ve had DAC-3 PCDJ controller, Pioneer Controller, SL1200, CDJ’s 800, Rane Mixer, Numark Mixers and what not.

I like all Dj Gear, I’ve been on this game for 34 years. Beside Dj, I love Dj Software & Hardware.

People swear by one brand, I don’t like doing that, I like using what I like and what it works, but MCX8000 has giving me lots of frustrating moments, hard work at home with testing and troubleshooting, library management and so on.

Still I am willing to stay strong and wait, to see what happens. Changing the Riders has nothing to do with Denons Saying.

I have always rock something different from what everyone is, that has always made me stand out.

Just My Philosophy.


funktionieren tut mcx 8000 aber nicht wie versprochen-pioneer aber ja