When getting of new music

Hello all. I have gone for the full deal on two SC5000 Prime and the one X1800 Prime. They three will arrive with me next week early.

What I dont know is about Crates or maybe I dont need to know about crates. Ive got all my music analysising through Engine 1.2 when it came out yesterday.

uptp now all my music is just in computer folders as I rip tunes from CDs or buy them from music pools ect. I’m ok with the analysising and I know that my home drive will have my LIBRARY on it, and the 6GB hard drives that I will take out to nights will be the TARGET drives. But what happens when I buy new music ? I know I’ll make a new folder on my home computers OWN hard drive called “June 2018” as example - but how am I supposed to make LIBRARY and TARGET awares of the new folder and all the tunes containered within that folder ?

Thamks early for any replies. Seeing the new firmware tipped me pasted the shall I / Shall I not buy Prime decisions. What Denon just released free as firmware for a already out deck is what other disco makers would have made us all buy a new machine for haha so its sad to see sulker and moaners get selfish for and with where is the must-have feature that I wanted. It does every thing it said on the boxes and now even more with this weeks update. and thats what made me choose to buy now.

You have two options

Option 1. Use Itunes to manage all your music, then have iTunes sync active in your DJ software. In Engine Prime you may need to refresh iTunes library to have your recent music to show up

Option 2. Drag and drop your “June 2018” folder to Engine Prime collection manually. Then export tracks you need to your target 6gb

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Thank you for the answers

I think I’ll use the second answer of yours as I have heard several time of itunes being updated and not staying working with other programs any future.

I use option 2 as well.

I have my music in a MUSIC folder that has subfolders E.g. MUSIC>URBAN MUSIC>HOUSE

When I download new files I just drag the Main MUSIC folder to the DJ software so newly added tracks will be added.

I then sort by dates so newly added ones will be listed on top,then I tag and add them to crates. That’s it.

The tip is to do the sorting and tagging as soon as you download the new tracks.

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