What is the problem

apart from the musical genre, go and see at 41:40 minutes what happens !ZARDONIC | Hoofbeats Music 2019 - YouTube

What are you trying to draw our attention to?

you saw that the music stopped, and he pointed to the mixer and didn’t understand why! it was just my curiosity about the reason for the volume that goes down by itself!

I’d put it down to the dangers of wearing a mask that restricts your vision and a glove - You can’t see what you’re doing and can’t feel what you’ve nudged. :smile:

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Oh good lord what did I just watch?

ehm, sorry but: no comment to this :roll_eyes:

All his levels and controls looked fine on the X1800 for the little footage of the issue there is. Either there was a glitch on the outputs of the X1800 or, more likely, something occurred at the event’s main board where either someone accidentally adjusted something or an aggressive compressor or ducking kicked in.

Not a good video for error spotting.

My guess would be user error. Like catching the cross fader :level_slider: